Wednesday, November 21, 2012

GLEE 4x6: "Glease"

Backstage drama threatens the opening of yet another McKinley High musical - but while Finn vows to keep Grease on course, Kitty shows her true colors in seeking vengeance against Marley. Rachel and Kurt return to Lima yet again to "support" their exes, and discover just how different their former home has become.

Original Airdate: 11/15/2012


- The return to NYADA storylines is made better only by the reappearance of Cassandra July. She seems to hate Rachel just as much as I do, which makes her okay in my book!

- I've been pro-Kitty since her debut in the season premiere, but I have to draw the line. Her revenge tactics are incredibly cruel and psychologically damaging, especially to a girl who technically did nothing to her (intentionally, anyway). She's very close to becoming irredeemably evil.

- I love Unique calling attention to the fact that Mr. Schue has never been a mentor or role model to the New Class. They have nothing invested in him, and vice versa.

- Thank you to Sue "Coach Meta" Sylvester for openly questioning the idiocy of Finn backpacking through Georgia for 3 months. And for continuing to call him 'Double Stuff'.

- The scene between Santana and Brittany felt really genuine, and very realistic for two people who love each other but are apart primarily due to logistics. Simple, sweet, and emotional.

- Mercedes is taking classes at UCLA, but given the fact that we never saw her in a classroom in the duration of her time at McKinley - I'm going to assume it's UCLA Extension. 

- Obviously it's a completely biased opinion, but "Beauty School Dropout" was one of the only Grease number that didn't fall flat for me.

- Tina off the rails! Delusions of grandeur is the only possible explanation for Ms. Cohen-Chang "liking who she is" after breaking up with Mike, since she's pretty much been a heinous diva all season. 

- The hallucinatory journey through an alternate Glee timeline that was "You're The One That I Want" isn't something that should have worked. In fact, I was almost positive that it would derail everything when Rachel appeared in the Shake Shack. Somehow, though - the magic washed over me, and it was charming. I'm such a sentimental sucker. 

- I even liked the fantasy finale enough to excuse the nonsensical pairing of Mercedes and Artie on stage. I don't even want to know what that slash fiction is like, though.

Blaine Corner

Song Ranking

#1 "You're The One That I Want"
Performed by Ryder, Marley, Rachel, Finn, and The New Directions
Originally performed by the John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John

#2 "Beauty School Dropout"
Performed by Blaine
Originally performed by Frankie Avalon

#3 "Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee"
Performed by Kitty
Originally performed by Stockard Channing

#4 "Greased Lightning"
Performed by Ryder, Sam, Joe, Jake & Mike
Originally performed by John Travolta

#5 "Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee (Reprise)"
Performed by Marley
Originally performed by Olivia Newton-John

#6 "There Are Worse Things I Could Do"
Performed by Santana, Unique & Cassandra July
Originally performed by Stockard Channing


Coming up, on Glee:

Instead of airing the episode about and titled "Thanksgiving" ON Thanksgiving, this week we're treated to what looks to be a frivolous standalone episode with a superhero theme. But never fear: the Warblers are back!

  • "Heroes" - Performed by Blaine & Sam (Preview)
  • "Holding Out For a Hero" - Performed by Marley & Kitty (Preview)
  • "My Dark Side" - Performed by Blaine & The Warblers (Preview)
  • "Some Nights" - Performed by The New Directions (Preview)
  • "Superman" - Performed by Jake & Ryder (Preview)

"Dynamic Duets" airs November 22nd at 9pm on FOX.

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