Thursday, November 15, 2012

GLEE 4x5: "The Role You Were Born To Play"

Artie convinces Finn to take a break from self-loathing and direct the school musical, but the auditions process is complicated by a harshly-opinionated Sue. Meanwhile, the Marley/Jake/Kitty triangle evolves into a square with the introduction of Ryder (The Glee Project's Blake Jenner), in the first installment to focus exclusively on the McKinley storylines. Sorry, Rachel!

"The Role You Were Born To Play"
Original Airdate: 11/08/2012

Quotes & Commentary

"So we cast a brunette Sandy and a guy as Rizzo. Who's directing this, Julie Taymor?" - Artie, balking at the idea of Marley as Sandy and Unique as Rizzo

"Greased Lightning is my cell phone ringtone, and I've been knocked out by a car door before. So I was really looking forward to recreating the reality of that moment onstage." - Sam, bucking for the role of Kenickie.

- While it's nice to see Mercedes and Mike again, I found it a little odd that no one even tried to talk to them about their lives. 

- I admire the show for using immersion therapy to get us to care about the New Class. The Marley/Unique friendship they're building could have some great moments in its future if they stick with it.

- Blaine really is the new Rachel! He showed up to sing a barely-relevant song, and then vanished. Sadly his voice is too flat for 'Hopelessly', and this depression arc is really not going to work for me. 

- They've ramped up the comments to Marley about her becoming as fat as her mother, so I'd say the eating disorder revelation is imminent. 

- Per my friend Josh: "Ryder thinks he has a learning disability, but he's not sure because he has a learning disability."

- Damn, Jake can dance! His duet with Kitty kinda knocked my socks off. 

- Sue's heart is in the right place, but WOW. Even I was a little uncomfortable by how many times she used the term "gender confused". Kudos for calling Finn and Will out on trying to prove just how open-minded they are, though.

- Poor Brittany, given too much to do for a few weeks, has been relegated to her non-speaking role. Le sigh.

- Has anyone else noticed how creepy Will has become? Rejoice, he'll be gone for at least a few episodes!

- Can we talk about how I really didn't miss Rachel or Kurt AT ALL? 

Blaine Corner

Song Ranking

#1 "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)"
Performed by Marley & Unique
Originally performed by P!nk

#2 "Everybody Talks"
Performed by Jake & Kitty
Originally performed by Neon Trees

#3 "Juke Box Hero"
Performed by Finn & Ryder
Originally performed by Foreigner

#4 "Born to Hand Jive"
Performed by Mercedes & The New Directions
Originally performed by Sha-Na-Na

#5 "Hopelessly Devoted to You"
Performed by Blaine
Originally performed by Olivia Newton-John


Coming up, on Glee:
Grease is the word! Watch as America's safest musical begins its run at McKinley High, with a little help from Santana and some other graduates. Also: Darren Criss as Blaine as Teen Angel!

  • "Beauty School Dropout" - Performed by Blaine (Preview)
  • "Greased Lightning" - Performed by Ryder, Jake, Sam, Joe & Mike (Preview)
  • "Look at Me I'm Sandra Dee" - Performed by Kitty (Preview)
  • "Look at Me I'm Sandra Dee (Reprise)" - Performed by Marley (Preview)
  • "There Are Worse Things I Could Do" - Performed by Santana, Unique & Cassandra July (Preview)
  • "You're The One That I Want" - Performed by Rachel, Finn & The New Directions (Preview)

"Glease" airs November 15th at 9pm on FOX.

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