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GLEE 4x3: "Makeover"

It's a more confident Blaine vs. Brittany in the battle for McKinley High's student body president on Glee - but the real makeover is on the New York storylines, which have finally gotten more interesting. Welcome aboard, Sarah Jessica Parker!

McKinley| In an effort to distract himself from missing Kurt, Blaine goes on an extracurricular rampage by signing up for a handful of "clubs". The only ones we're treated to in a montage involve cosplay and/or LARPing, but it's fine because who wouldn't want to see Blaine dressed as a wizard? No one, that's who. One final poster catches his eye in the halls, however - so Blaine will officially be the only one running against 2nd-term-hopeful Brittany. 

Back to her usual self following last week's faux-meltdown, Brittany recruits Artie to be her running mate. It's kinda because she respects him (he's smart), mostly because she thinks he's part robot (she's not smart), and not at all because they dated (she doesn't remember). She tells Sam that she would have chosen him, but that she didn't want to ruin their new friendship. She instead presents Sam to Blaine as his vice presidential candidate, which he agrees to. He doesn't explicitly state that it's because he wants to bone him, but something tells me Blaine wasn't likely won over by Sam's George W. Bush impression (although it was pretty adorable). They'll have a debate and everything, since this is an election year in real life and NO ONE is sick of hearing about it.

Blaine and Artie mentor their running mates in an attempt for victory on election day, with decidedly mixed results. All you really need to know is that Brittany is still endearingly stupid, and Sam is still almost supernaturally hot (especially for a high school senior). Their star-spangled rendition of Hole's "Celebrity Skin" is basically just an excuse for me to scream at the TV for them to make out already, but they don't. And neither do Sam and Blaine, even though the former was half naked in McKinley's costume shop less than a foot away from a gay man with way too much time on his hands. Le sigh.

Before they take to the auditorium stage, Sam returns the makeover favor and instructs Blaine to lose the bow tie (after he narrowed it down from five choices). What follows is a student council debate that only Glee could give us: Artie filibusters, Sam strips, Blaine denounces tyranny/book burning/people burning, and Brittany throws the election for reasons that are never explained. Did I mention that Sue is moderating? Principal Figgins is out this week with "religious fever".

Blaine & Sam (Blam!)'s victory is celebrated at Breadstix, but Blaine realizes that despite everything he said last year...he totally came to McKinley for Kurt, who simply doesn't have time for him in New York. The new leaders of the student body decide to be best friends a la Wolverine and Cyclops, and Sam and Brittany share yet another sweet moment. Drama is imminent. 

New York| Kurt is finally ready to do something this week, and that something is interviewing for the internship at Vogue.com. That's when we meet new editor/former designer Isabelle Wright (Sarah Jessica Parker), who takes an instant liking to Kurt and his fucking amazing hippo brooch. Isabelle is of course a head case who lives in mortal fear of Anna Wintour (obviously), and Kurt ends up advising her on major editorial decisions after approximately 24 hours. This not only earns him a promotion, but also a Carrie Godmother™ in the grateful Isabelle. 

Because FOX is under contract to give Rachel something to do every episode this season, she laments to Kurt about her new NYADA nemeses who taunt her for being unstylish. He decides that it's immediately time to take advantage of Isabelle's trust, and the Witches of Bushwick apparate to the Vogue.com offices in the middle of the night for a makeover music video. Isabelle catches them, but decides that a makeover music video is exactly what she needs to feel better about herself. She later forwards the video to Anna, who simply replies "Great". As you can imagine, that's a really big deal. Just before dashing off to Indochine, Isabelle suggests to Kurt that he let his dreams of NYADA transition to the world of fashion. 

Rachel's makeover gives her the confidence to run around New York City singing and dancing with Brody, and their almost-kiss prompts her to take a chance and invite him over to the loft for a homemade dinner. Rachel unsurprisingly can't cook for shit, and they end up on the floor eating pizza. After sharing embarrassing confessions about their childhoods, they finally lock lips - only to be interrupted by a knock at the door. Rachel thinks it's her forgetful roommate Kurt...but naturally it's an excited, super hot-looking Finn! Until he sees Brody and connects the dots about what's going on. Then it's an confused/upset Finn. Dun dun DUN. 

Quotes & Commentary

"I'd rather be landing strip." - Brittany to Artie, who suggests that he can be the Cheney to her Bush

"And of course your complete lack of adult friends means you're well on your way to a career as a pedophile birthday clown." - Sue to Will, on his post-Nationals career prospects

"That's the kind of sick I want you to be." - Isabelle to Vogue.com minion Daphne, who suggests leather undergarments after going off her meds (again)

"Filipino. They're very hard workers, and family is very important to them." - Brittany, when asked what her favorite color is

"It's the only thing that brings me any happiness, besides my extreme couponing and muscle relaxers!" - Dalton Rumba, member of the National Show Choir Association

"And secondly, the inexplicable introduction of a vice presidential field, for no discernible reason whatsoever." - Sue, on the horrifying facts of this year's McKinley election race

- After a premiere immediately followed by a tribute episode, this was the first 'normal' episode of the season so far, and I think we may be seeing what the show is going to be like from week to week now. It's a different vibe, and a welcome change. This was easily the strongest episode thus far.

- In case you didn't notice, Blaine is a real character now. He started out as a Kurt accessory (albeit a gorgeous, semi-perfect one), but with Kurt away it's obvious that the writers - as well as Darren Criss - need to step it up and decide just who Blaine Anderson really is. So far I'm liking what I'm seeing, but I still think Klaine needs to split. There's no chemistry there whatsoever.

- Season 4 Sue Sylvester is unabashedly meta, calling the show out for its own nonsense. I. love. this. 

- Because I guess some of you might still care, there was a Will storyline this week. He's bored and uninspired with his job, so the writers will send him away for a few months (fingers crossed!) to join a blue ribbon government panel about the arts in schools. Emma supports him. KBAI.

- Joe and Unique don't appear in this episode, but Sugar gets the same number of lines as Tina. So, one.

- I'm really glad they cooled it with Marley this week. Although I guess be careful what you wish for, since instead of taking up most of the episode she just gets silent, sad reaction shots.

- Let's give it up for the third consecutive Stoner Brett appearance!

- I never want to hear Kurt complain about anything ever again. He's the luckiest teen gay on TV. And don't try to throw the bullying thing in my face, because even Karofsky ended up being in love with him. Try treating Blaine with the respect and attention he deserves, Hummel!

- I'm loving that the character of Isabelle Wright pretty much is Carrie Bradshaw. SJP's movements, inflection...it's all 100% Carrie. This is what that character would realistically be doing now, so I'm fine pretending that "Isabelle" is going home to Big every night and dishing with the girls at the coffee shop on Saturday morning.

- Is it just me, or was Rachel acting really un-Rachel by the end of this episode? I'm not just talking about the clothes and the hair - her mannerisms and line delivery seemed waaaaaaay more casual than Ms. Berry would ever behave. Is it character development, or is Lea Michele just getting lazy?

- Finally, FOX released two promo images from this episode of scenes that never made it to air. Will and Sue had a musical number ("Mr. Monotony"), and one of Blaine's other clubs had to do with zombie survival. More importantly, it featured him in a bowtie and a wifebeater (see below). Damn you, FOX. Damn you.

Blaine Corner

Song Ranking

#1 "Everybody Wants to Rule the World"
Performed by Blaine
Originally performed by Tears for Fears

#2 "The Way You Look Tonight / You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile"
Performed by Isabelle Wright, Kurt & Rachel
Originally performed by Frank Sinatra / Cast of Annie

#3 "Celebrity Skin"
Performed by Brittany & Sam
Originally performed by Hole

#4 "A Change Would Do You Good"
Performed by Rachel & Brody
Originally performed by Sheryl Crow


Coming up, on Glee:
Finn is back! Blaine takes Manhattan! Finchel, Klaine, Brittanna, and Wemma could all be doomed!

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"The Break-Up" airs Thursday, October 4th at 9pm on FOX. Recap posts October 9th.

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