Monday, September 17, 2012


The CW has set its sights on another iconic female character for the prequel machine, developing a script for a potential Wonder Woman series. Meanwhile, they're prepping to unleash Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw on the world once more with The Carrie Diaries. Why not just take two great tastes, and force them to taste great together?

Details on the Wonder Woman project are slim, but it's said to focus on Diana of Themyscira's pre-star-spangled-tights origins. All I ask is that she please not have a cat or a Facebook account (I'm looking at you, David E. Kelley). The Carrie Diaries pilot is admittedly a little clunky, but Annasophia Robb nails it as MiniCarrie; with all the dead-eyed mystification that Sarah Jessica Parker brought to the role as an adult. 

My mashup art can be seen above. As a special bonus, here's a shot of grown-up Carrie reading a Wonder Woman comic, before eventually getting high with/boning the shop's owner:

The Carrie Diaries premieres in January, after Gossip Girl concludes its six year run with a 10-episode final season. As for the fate of our favorite Amazonian princess' prequel - time will have to tell. I'll keep you posted!

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