Thursday, May 31, 2012


Disney has chosen a Prince Phillip for Sleeping Beauty in the upcoming live-action Maleficent film, and Australian actor Brenton Thwaites will do just fine. Just fine, indeed.

Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty has always been my favorite among "the classics". While I'm in general wary of anyone touching Uncle Walt's telling of this story - the 1959 version is perfect - I'm intrigued and excited at them coming at it from the Maleficent angle. She is the baddest bitch among Disney Villains, after all. Angelina Jolie might not be my first choice for the role, but I think she'll hold her own.

It should come as little surprise that Prince Phillip has always been my go-to Disney Prince, and now we have our first live-action representation! His name is Brenton Thwaites, he's 22 or 23 (the internet doesn't seem to know for certain...only that he's legal), and hails from Australia. He'll also be starring in a movie-of-the-week remake of The Blue Lagoon for Lifetime. Oh, and he's spectacularly attractive! 




He'll be playing opposite Elle Fanning as Princess Aurora, but it remains to be seen how big a role either of them have in the film. Maybe Maleficent had a young, green-skinned piece of ass growing up that we don't know about? We'll have to wait and see, but at least we've got a very healthy Google Image Search to keep us busy 'til we see Mr. Thwaites in his princely garb.

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