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After a long and winding road, it all comes down to this! Bridget decides that the truth will set her free, but Bodaway Macawi & Tim Arbogast both have very different plans for her. Siobhan considers a move to Chicago with Henry - but she'll have to confront her own bad karma first. Who lives? Who dies? Who WINS? Find out with your Ringer season finale recap!

After dreaming that Macawi crashed her vow renewal with Andrew, Bridget realizes that she has to come clean - about everything. Solomon rightfully cautions her that she may be cast out of the only life she has left, but she's determined. You kinda have to admire her sudden integrity, after 7 months of hiding in her sister's life. Her perception starts to change after a visit from Jimmy Plays-Both-Sides, where he lets slip (and we see in flashback) that John Delario aka Bro Henchman and Siobhan were the ones that paid him to convince Bridget to run all those months ago. She still doesn't reeeeaaaally get it, but she's once again confused and suspicious over Shiv's actions.

Speaking of the "good twin", Siobhan lets Henry talk her into moving to Chicago with their baby girls - his invisible ginger boys don't get to come, apparently. There's yet another conversation about trust when Shiv opens the results of the paternity test, but in keeping with her character she blatantly lies and assures Henry the babies are his. So at this point, those kids could belong to ANYONE WITH A PENIS in New York, the Hamptons, Rock Springs, Lake Tahoe or Paris. Yeah, bitch gets around! It turns out that we can finally congratulate Henry on his testicular fortitude, though - he knew the results of the paternity test before Siobhan opened it. "The test was a test" he so cleverly states, before letting Shiv know that a) He stole all of her stolen money, and b) She needs to pack up her shit and leave.

Also asked to vacate the premises? Poor, poor Bridget. Before she can tell Andrew the truth, Tim Arbogast exacts his revenge on Siobhan by exposing her affair with Henry to Andrew while literally buying Martin/Charles Financial outright. Andrew returns to the penthouse, with the pre-vow-renewal party already in progress. He makes a scene, and effectively ends their marriage over Siobhan's infidelity. When Bridget finally reveals the truth, he takes it about as well as any man would. His wife "killed herself" and her junkie whore sister has been impersonating her - I can't imagine a world where that could be forgiven. Sadly, Bridget is given the heave-ho. Not even Juliet - once one of the most sociopathic characters on this show - has any respect left for her. 

RogueMachado is now ReinstatedMachado, which is less catchy but more official-sounding. The one condition? He is off the Macawi case for good! In case you were wondering, it's only the third or fourth time he has been issued that direct order. But when you look that good and also had your unborn child murdered, I get that maybe you're given some extra chances. Vic tries to keep his nose clean, but when he learns of Jimmy's escape from prison he can't help but worry. Before you know it he's on the first plane back to NYC, after a phone call from Bridget. Her Macawi Sense is tingling, and she knows he's in the city. 

And finally, it's time for paths converge at the penthouse. Having stabbed Jimmy in a motel room earlier, Bodaway intends to murder Bridget once and for all. By way of karmic retribution, Siobhan is the only one there when he arrives - she's stealing as much jewelry as she can to provide for herself and her infant daughters. She puts up a fight (the stake!), but Bodaway gets the upper hand...before Bridget can shoot him! Shiv scurries away, leading to a final showdown between Bridget and the Big Bad himself. It takes a second shot, but she manages to blow his brains out in the foyer. Machado is pleased.

So how does it end? Andrew and Juliet are off to the Hamptons for some "Fuck the World" R&R. Malcolm was presumed dead offscreen. Siobhan goes to the hospital (since she and her babies are now homeless) and vows to get her old life back. Which leaves just Bridget and Henry! She shows up at his door actually being Bridget this time, and demands to know where Siobhan is. Y'see, Solomon found some miraculous surveillance footage that proves Shiv staged her death - and Bridget is pissed. He explains that he kicked her out, and also gives her a pretty decent recap of Siobhan's season-long arc. A puzzled Bridget asks "Siobhan wanted me dead?"...and we're done. 

Now, your last season one photocap!



And so, the inaugural season of Ringer has come to a close! While it may be on the bubble for renewal, no decision has been made yet as to its ultimate fate. You can most certainly see a change in the wind for both Bridget and Siobhan by the end of the finale, and I can only imagine what a second season will/would look like come Fall. I mean, it's hard not to feel a little cheated at the lack of sisterly throwdown. Roles reversed, next year? Bring on the twin trauma!

For those curious, I'm reserving my final thoughts on the season as a whole for when we get official word on renewal/cancellation. It's too soon to speculate the future OR eulogize just yet. One thing is for sure: Great big thanks to everyone who has stuck with my recaps and photocaps throughout the season - it's all for you guys and gals. 

See you next season? Stay tuned!

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