Monday, April 2, 2012


I firmly believe that if I had watched The Beanie Baby Hunger Games before the actual movie, I would have had a much more emotional viewing experience. I didn't connect too much to the characters on the big screen, but I'll be damned if the plight of Katniss Everbean the Blue Jay didn't stir something in me:


Not to mention: How adorable is it that Gale is the Robin? I mean, come on. The actual film was far too short on Junior Hemsworth, but blah blah blah I know that's just his role in the first book. I enjoyed it though, and I'll see the rest for sure.

Here's hoping we'll get additional, beanified installments!


mariam f donerian said...

Joe it's me mariam from CT.
Remember the Gift Box?
Good to also see that Beanie Babies are still an integral part of someone's life! I still like em!
I have been thinking about you from time to time.
Glad you are well.
You always have a great website, this is no exception.
I still live in CT, obviously you are doing well in California.
Good luck to you.
take care for now

mariam said...

oh and i am at if you ever want to email me.