Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Three more episodes to go! Bridget gets accidentally roped in to Siobhan's plan to clear Henry's guilty name, while working with RogueMachado to determine who ordered the thwarted hit on her head. And if that weren't enough, Catherine tries to off herself as a way back into the family that hates her.

Bridget teams up with disgraced FBI agent RogueMachado, because I think they figure that if they work together they can maybe solve half of one of their separate cases. Operation: Ryan Murphy is Bridget's baby, and involves finding out who ordered the hit that Ryan Murphy "Rex Barton" attempted to carry out. Operation: Where the Fuck is Bodaway Macawi revolves around bringing down the monster that killed RogueMachado's pregnant stripper (with a heart of gold!) girlfriend Shaylene Briggs. And he should be brought to justice for that, because she was kind of amazing.

After breaking and entering into Barton's home, RogueMachado ferrets out a secret office behind a wall (hidden TRON: Legacy-style) in the basement. There on a desk he finds dozens of photographs of Siobhan and Andrew, making it very clear that she was the target. Oh, and there's also a locked fridge with a dead guy in it! RogueMachado brings a photo of the frozen corpse to the penthouse, and Bridget admits that she recognizes the body...since she's the one that killed him. Bridget's got problems of her own, though. More on that in a minute. 

Desperate to prove to Henry that she'll stop fucking everything up, Siobhan fucks everything up when she tries to bribe the SohoDiamond maid who placed Henry at the scene of the Tyler Barrett murder and squealed to the cops. Naturally, she squeals again about the payoff attempt, which means that the cops now want to talk to Bridget (because the maid thinks she's Siobhan). It culminates in a tense as helllll moment where Bridge & Shiv are in Henry's brownstone at the same time, basically right next to each other. But Bridget still hasn't figured it out - and for all her murder hallucinations, Siobhan's bark is worse than her bite. I really thought she was just gonna wail on Bridget with that little statue. 

The DRAMArtin Family isn't faring much better: Catherine slits her wrists - so Andrew can find her, and she can finally ruin his life forever - but instead he just brings her to the hospital where they'll forcibly restrain her. Juliet's not buying it, until she hears that the cuts were extreme enough that Catherine probably did intend to die. Juliet talks Andrew and Bridget into letting Catherine stay for a few days at the penthouse before they commit her, and they agree because this is television. 

Tim Arbogast shows up at Martin/No Charles to speak to Andrew, and as soon as he waves that FLASH DRIVE around it seems like all hope is lost. Except that Arbogast hates his son-in-law Henry for each and every time he was boning Siobhan and not Guh-emma, which he can confirm because he hired a private investigator. Because when you're that rich it makes a difference. Anyway, Arbogast tells Henry to his face that he's going to destroy him, which is why it almost makes sense that he would then help save Martin/No-Charles, rather than see it implode.

How does it end? Even after determining that the evil person could be in her very own home, Bridget decides to have tea with Catherine in the penthouse. Just the two of them. RogueMachado rings to alert Bridget that the prints from a photo in Barton's basement match Mama Martin's, but the now officially soulless Catherine ignores the call while Bridget fetches sugar. Once Bridge realizes that she's been drugged, it's already too late. She stumbles to the other living room for her purse, but finds Catherine's...and THE CELL PHONE! As she collapses, Catherine drops the empty caplets of her don't-kill-yourself-tranquilizers over Bridget...who'll be out for a while.

And now, on to your photocap!


This is the home stretch, gang. I'm assuming that some of you are still with me, because why wouldn't you be? You've come this far. It would be lunacy to stop now. Ringer has essentially "lit the fuse" at this point, and I think it's only a matter of time before season one ends in a blaze of insane glory. Some pieces both old and new were put into place this evening, and it will be interesting to see where the roads are leading us. 

Will we see some of our supporting pals again? Malcolm, Mr. C, Tessa the Teenage Tormenter, Alien Cher? Solomon, Greer, Dylan...the lady therapist?! Well we've got two more episodes, and they're all technically still alive. Oh, and if Macawi is still the Big Bad, they should probably have him do something soon. 

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