Tuesday, March 20, 2012


While Bridget and Andrew suspect that Olivia is the one who ordered the attack at the loft, Siobhan finally breaks Henry - but there's more to Tyler's death than we've been led to believe. Juliet will do anything to escape Catherine's clutches, and Machado's intellect finally kicks in. 

Agent Machado chases down the gunman outside the loft, but ends up getting kicked in the face and loses him. He recovers a tarot card of "The Tower", which Vic's handsome assistant (I guess he's sticking around? Does anyone know his name?) hilariously pinpoints to the tri-state area "and a dry cleaner". Investigating said establishment, Vic learns from the Indian employee - take that, stereotypes! - that the owner gives them out as coupons. Also, she comes down with a case of bitchface and informs someone that the card came back. My money is on that guy from Empty Nest. Seriously, I have no clue.

Andrew makes it through surgery, and Bridget decides that she trusts him again. They put their pretty heads together and finger Alien Cher as the culprit in some/all of this, and Bridg deploys Solomon to break into her apartment and look for clues. She has skipped town of course (she even told us she would, a few episodes ago), and the only thing to be found is an imprint of a weird series of letters and numbers.

Andrew decides that Juliet should go to Miami with Catherine for a while to be safe, but she only fake complies so that she can pull a classic teen move and run away. Naturally Andrew and Bridget assume abduction, and it certainly does look suspicious that the aforementioned imprint is the address to Juliet's school (and Alien Cher has no children, duh). Juliet makes it safely to the Hamptons house though, where Bridget finds her and pushes for an explanation regarding the bad blood between mother and daughter. Out of excuses, Juliet lays out the truth. 

How does it end? Bridget and Juliet return to the penthouse, and Machado is already waiting for them. Before the trust fund scheme can be revealed, Vic spells out the hard facts: They found a body with Malcolm's wallet, but the corpse is one of Bodaway's lieutenants. So "Siobhan" is very much still in danger. Y'see, the gunman was pointing towards Bridget, but not because he mistook her for Siobhan - because he knew she was Bridget. 

And now, photocap time!


For as many leads as were uncovered in this episode, I felt like there were a lot of doors opening to nowhere. Now there's a malevolent dry cleaner involved? What the fuck could Alien Cher possibly want with Juliet - a character with whom she has previously had zero interaction? Who was taking photos of Juliet and Catherine? Was the body of Macawi's thug supposed to be a big reveal? I'm at a bit of a loss here. At least we got to see Tyler again, so I suppose that's something!

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