Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Amidst the imminent collapse of Martin/Charles Financial, Bridget reels from the revelation of Andrew's secrets - and fears for her safety. We learn the tragic backstory of one Agent Machado in flashback, and Siobhan continues to act like a total bitch here in the present.

Bridget's paranoia works in her favor this week, as it turns out that Andrew may actually be a monster after all. In addition to the ponzi scheme he orchestrated, his desperation at the thought of literally losing everything turns him into a sort of rich, emo, psychopath. Malcolm voices his very logical concerns to Bridget, so naturally she takes the opportunity to shit all over him and kick him to the curb. She sees the error of her ways during some solo sleuthing, but it's too late! Siobhan (based on a tip from Henry, based on a tip from Malcolm) turns the tables on Bridget, and impersonates her on the phone - effectively keeping Malcolm away.

Meanwhile in DENVER, Machado's been taken off the Bodaway Macawi case and assigned to the Bodaway Macawi Task Force. Somehow they're two different things, and it opens up some barely-year-old emotional wounds for Vic. Y'see, the stripper whose murder Bridget witnessed - Shaylene Briggs, aka Patient Zero - was penis/vagina/heart involved with our favorite federal agent, and it was he who encouraged her to start a double life in the first place. We're led to believe that Macawi basically butchered poor Shaylene (she was going to get her real estate license!), along with the 4-week old Machado-Briggs fetus inside her. There are shades of Richard Alpert, and it actually is really sad. Silver lining: Stripper Bridget in flashbacks!!! She's got PURPLE highlights!

Back to business. Tyler gets tired of waiting for Siobhan to formulate her next 12 moves, and goes to the SEC with their combined evidence. Said SEC agent also happens to be Xerxes, and he blows the whistle to Alien Cher about Tyler's whistle-blowing. She convinces Andrew that something should definitely, definitely be done about both Tyler and Malcolm, and she would have winked to the camera if her face moved that way. She flies Tyler back stateside, and it goes something like this: She threatens him, takes some of the evidence, leaves, comes back, is presumably the one that shoots him in the head, and takes the rest of the evidence. Oh yeah - Tyler's totally dead. And he remained clothed for the whole of his last episode. Tragic.

How does it end? With Andrew - fully descended into madness - vaguely threatening his wife via voicemail, before showing up at Malcolm's door with full-on axe murderer face. Do the business partners that murder together stay together? We can't ask Catherine or Juliet, because they're "at Canyon Ranch" this week. Now, your photocap!


There were a lot of stories this week that I just plain wasn't expecting. In the plus column, I'm really happy to learn why Machado is so invested in this case. Sure, I guess being in the FBI should be reason enough...but this is TV and sometimes those heartstrings need to be tugged. I found Shaylene to be an extremely likable character, so I hope we get to see more of her in future flashbacks. In the column that is not the plus, Andrew's about-face to evil has given me whiplash. 

I can't decide whether the best course of action is to kill more guest stars, or introduce them. Tyler was hot in a "I'm horny but the NyQuil is kicking in" kind of way, and the show won't miss him. But regardless, it raises the stakes. Andrew's villainy seems like it would be better suited to a different character...we're just out of options. This is ultimately why I love Ringer, though - and why I make it a point not to watch the promos each week - I never have any idea of where it will be heading next. And that's exciting. The possibilities are endless!

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