Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Bridget's casual detective work pays off this week, sending Siobhan into damage control...and potentially out of the country. Juliet's champagne-dependent mother arrives to "support" her maybe-victimized daughter, and Henry gets a whole lot more than he bargained for after bringing Agent Machado back to New York. 

We open with Bridget leaving a voicemail for Malcolm. He's visiting his cousin (?), but don't get too excited - he took the job as an IT minion for Martin/Charles, so he's not going anywhere. She returns home to the penthouse, only to join a bottle-poppin' party already in progress. When Juliet arrives moments later - disqualifying her as a suspect - we see that it's actually Andrew's ex / Juliet's mom, Catherine. It should come as no surprise that she and Siobhan hate each other, because...well, most people hate Siobhan.

Shiv is a woman about town, trying to sell the ring she stole while Bridget was showering. $15k is apparently enough to do...whatever it is she's trying to do, which includes obtaining a fake passport. Tyler's still in Paris, and he's anxious for Siobhan and "his" baby to return. Bridget's hot on her trail without understanding any of the specifics, and starts cold calling the generally clueless members of Team Siobhan. In doing so, she's able to connect the dots re: Tyler (thanks, Claudine!) and knows that something is definitely up.

Henry also has this feeling, after stalking Siobhan during her shady errands. The poor thing finally thinks he's got it all figured out, and rides his Sherlock Holmes high all the way to the top: Summoning Agent Machado back to NYC. They think they've got Bridget posing as Siobhan, while both men are completely unaware of how close/so far away they are from the truth. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has this craaaazy idea to run Shiv's fingerprints, which of course exonerates her of, y'know, being Rock Springs Trash. 

Meanwhile, Juliet's rape aggravated sexual assault case isn't going so hot, and it only gets worse when her LadyPrincipal shows up at the penthouse with remarkably clear security camera footage (from a janky PUBLIC SCHOOL in New York City) showing Juliet mounting Mr. C - who doth protest - in the hallway. Sidebar: This girl can do ANYTHING. I love Juliet. This sends an already unstable Catherine into a rage attack so booze-soaked you can practically feel the champagne bubbles tickle your nose. Her hot messiness finally becomes too much for Andrew, who rightfully loses his shit while having the most level-headed, sincere, appropriate moment of clarity that anyone has ever had on this show. He tosses her out like garbage (all bottles, and gallon jug) in defense of his daughter, who he pretty much admits is either mentally ill or a sociopath (You go, girl!). But don't look now: a couple days later, who shows up at the penthouse but TESSA THE TEEN TORMENTER! She quickly becomes Tessa the Tearful Teen Tormenter, confessing that Mr. C forced her to have sex with him, too!

How it ends: Siobhan convinces Henry to meet her, so she can "show him something"...which in reality is a someone: Bridget. Henry's brain manages not to explode with this reveal, as well as the one that Siobhan is still pregnant - with their child. Onto the photocap!



I imagine that this will eventually become one of my favorite episodes of the series. Fast-paced and twisty, with a lot of payoff, drinking, and YELLING. Snaps to Ioan Gruffudd for genuinely flexing his muscles (dramatic and otherwise), and really breaking out of his emotional box. And I know I didn't mention it in the recap above, but it was nice to see the series re-introduce Bodaway Macawi. If we're going by the Buffy model, Siobhan was the "Little Bad" in the beginning of the season - with Macawi eventually proving how much of a threat he really is to our girls and becoming the "Big Bad" relatively soon. I'm on board. This crazytrain ain't stoppin'!

Ringer Recap returns next week, February 14th. Will there be a theme?!

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