Sunday, February 12, 2012


In part two of a special feature, it's time to buckle up and take an action-packed technicolor trip with McG's Charlie's Angels sequel. More punching! More dancing! More wigs!

Three years after the original film, the stars aligned once again (sans Bill Murray) for Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. Sure, it's a silly title - but it's also the best parts of the first movie dialed up to eleven, with more than a few surprises. Sometimes sequels can surpass their predecessor, and here are some highlights!

Dylan (Barrymore), Natalie (Diaz) and Alex (Liu) are tasked with recovering two stolen rings, which when combined contain the encrypted files / secret identities of everyone in the Witness Protection Program. Hot on their trail are former Angel Madison Lee (Demi Moore) and Dylan's dangerous ex-boyfriend Seamus O'Grady (Justin Theroux).

So strap on your Kevlar vests and flying we go!

Best mission code language EVER.

'Cause she's such a bad-ass, get it?

Don't worry ladies and gays, there's lots of male gratuity!

Direct from McG's spank bank.

Just look at that guy. What a "busta".

Bright blue habits FTW.

For some reason John Cleese feels really believable as Alex's dad. Acting!

The Grease shout-out was almost too much for my excited little heart to handle.

Gasp! An original Angel!

The woman with the golden guns. 

Fallen Angel, extra crispy.

Bad guys vanquished - time to party!


Beyond all the ass-kicking and screaming and disguises, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle has another secret weapon in its arsenal. Rodrigo Santoro! Before he would go on to wow the world as Paulo (of Nikki & Paulo fame) on Lost, he wowed us in this non-speaking role as Hot Piece Henchman Randy Emmers. Here are his scenes, boiled down to their essence:

(Click to make 'em bigger)

 Thanks for making the trip back with me, gang! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Now we just need Drew Barrymore to stop making movies about whales and get the Angels back together for a third film!

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