Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The fine line between who's scamming who is blurred even further on this week's Ringer. Wedding plans, corporate espionage, twice the baby drama, and Mr. C in a towel all make for a fast-paced episode...and don't forget about Xerxes!

Siobhan - still in Paris - is getting an ultrasound to check on the baby, only to discover that her previous doctor didn't know shit (her current OBGYN's point of view). She's having TWINS, because in case you forgot This is the story of two Sisters who share the same Face. The surprises keep coming, however, when Shiv realizes based on the updated conception date that they may actually be Andrew's children. She only drops the first bomb on Henry over the phone, while they conspire to bring down Bridget/Malcolm/Andrew/Claudine/Everyone.

At the penthouse, Andrew surprises Bridget with a cheesy horror movie night (I was secretly hoping it would have been I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, for cheeky fun), old fashioned popcorn machine and all. It's his somewhat odd way of asking "Siobhan" to marry him again. Bridget is naturally over the moon, because she still thinks there's a way that they can make this work. Malcolm puts his computer science degree to good use and analyzes some algorithms at Martin/Charles (don't ask) and eventually uncovers a ponzi scheme being orchestrated by Alien Cher. Bridget - looking through the eyes of sister-impersonating-love - doesn't want to hear it at first, but comes around to the truth after being tortured by wedding planners for a while.

Alien Cher is embroiled in a mysterious subplot of her own, receiving cryptic texts from "Xerxes" in regards to a mole at the office. She mercilessly fires Malcolm after catching him snooping on her laptop, blaming herself for hiring a drug addict. But the joke's on her, as Xerxes informs her that the mole is in Paris (maybe she shouldn't be so racist). 

The Trials and Tribulations of Juliet Martin forge on, as Mr. C calls to threaten her after he's questioned by the police for the coma whammy put on Tessa the Teenage Tormenter. She's clearly growing her soul back, and starts to feel remorse about everything she's done to her father. He's selling the loft (oh yeah, remember that place?) to make up for the millions lost in the settlement, and Juliet calls an emergency lunch with Catherine at the Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel somewhere in Manhattan to express her inner torment. Catherine offers to take care of Mr. C, and oh does she ever. WITH INTERCOURSE. When it seems that Juliet is again ready to squeal, Catherine and her boy toy skip town with his cut of the money. While he's showering in a motel room, she grabs that dough and heads back home. Y'know for a teacher, he's really not that bright. 

How does it end? In not very surprising news, we learn that Catherine was behind the hit on Tessa, but the identity of the shadowy enforcer she hired remains a mystery. Bridget comes clean to Andrew about Alien Cher's dirty dealings...only to face the confession that he, in fact, is the mastermind of the Madoff/Charles ponzi scheme. Dun dun DUN!


I've really got to hand it to the writer of this week's episode, Robert Berens. Nothing felt like it was dragging on, and that's even more impressive when you factor in that there were multiple flashbacks. The difference? They actually aided in the storytelling, rather than bringing it to a screeching halt. And while I don't think anyone couldn't see Catherine's additional manipulations coming, I'm hard-pressed to determine who's doing her dirty work (seriously, who's left?!). Ringer kept it tight with "P.S. You're An Idiot", and the Andrew reveal has me questioning a lot. Kudos, and I can't wait for next week!

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