Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Mothers' Day comes early to Ringer in this week's answer-fest of an installment. Marvel in heartbreak at the catalyst for Bridget & Siobhan's estrangement! Navigate lies within lies to discover Catherine's true motives! Meet the CW's worst foster mom! And while you're doing all that? Don't trust anyone.

Catherine barges in on Andrew at the penthouse to announce her new great idea of having Juliet live with her in Miami. Andrew goes spontaneously deaf, recovers, and lets her know that even being newly-sober doesn't make her a fit mother. Bridget concurs later, but has a change of heart after reliving her guilt over "Sean" - the (not quite) living embodiment of the wedge driven between she and Shiv. So what did happen?

Seven years ago, Bridge and Shiv are living together in a modest apartment in Lake Tahoe. Bridget spends most of her time watching Sean, Siobhan's son, while she's at work supporting the unconventional family. Dylan, the father, split after knocking Shiv up - but after a couple years he's decided he feels bad about it all. Siobhan's not having it, and kicks him out. She also forbids him from seeing Sean, explicitly ordering Bridget to call the cops if he comes around while she's at work. As you might expect, Bridget does the complete opposite of this. Dylan, Bridget and Sean of course get into a horrible car accident, which claims the life of the tiny tot. Siobhan blames Bridget for her incredibly poor decision-making skills, and thus began the rift.

In the present day, Bridget finds out that Siobhan has been sending flowers to Sean's paternal grandmother every year on her birthday. She makes an unannounced visit - freaking out the old Jersey woman - and then makes a break for it after connecting the dots. Between that and Dylan's "go to hell" appearance at the penthouse, Bridget realizes maybe it would be wise for Juliet to get as far away from her as possible. Lest she...take her to a county fair? Regardless, it's emotional. After a heart to heart with Malcolm, Bridget - as Siobhan - forgives Dylan, and enjoys the feeling so much she decides that she wants to come clean to everyone. So they can love (hate) her for who she is (isn't). He is understandably skeptical. 

The evening's C-Plot goes to Henry, who is communicating with Siobhan via ridiculous text messages. He's got in his mind that he's now a secret agent of sorts, on a mission to get his money out of Martin/Charles, insult Andrew to his face, and use his magical scarf powers to keep an eye on Malcolm. He's successful on all fronts (there's a first time for everything!), and HEY Malcolm sure is acting suspicious throughout this entire episode. Though Solomon does not appear, I've decided he's definitely the more trustworthy of Bridget's only two black friends. 

How does it end? Well, Juliet has once again gotten herself in over her ahead. Tessa the Teenage Tormenter buys a Cadillac Escalade an SUV, and refuses to stop drawing attention to herself. Juliet alerts Mr. C, who is possibly responsible for beating the shit out of Tessa later and stealing her cut of the money. Of course he could be innocent of that crime, seeing as how we learn that alllllllll of this was, in fact...Catherine's master plan. Boom. LOST NOISE.

And now, your photocap!


I'm happy to report that this episode not only filled in the blanks on some long-vague storylines, but also managed to set up some even higher stakes for the weeks to come. Alien Cher's back in her offscreen breathing chamber this week, but sadly Agent Machado is also MIA. Although getting Malcolm in exchange may seem like a bum deal, his untrustworthy demeanor may mean there's hope for him yet. Speaking of hope - since Catherine's been lying about everything else, can we just assume that she's still drinking champagne all day/everyday? Because I'm going to. The soap noir-pra fun continues next week!

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