Monday, February 6, 2012


Blake Lively shares her thoughts on family planning in the upcoming issue of Elle, and inadvertently opens herself up to a world of controversy over her use of the word "tranny". Is an apology inevitable?

It's sad when such a luminous gal can behave so...dimly. Covering the March issue of Elle (available February 14th), Blake Lively tells the interviewer about her ideal family. Unfortunately, she makes a mistake that's become quite trendy in Hollywood these days...

"I hope to have a few girls one day. If not girls, they better be trannies. Because I have some amazing shoes and bags and stories that need to be appreciated."

Ruh-roh. GLAAD has yet to issue a statement, but it seems almost certain that it's coming. Neil Patrick Harris recently made the slip-up and apologized, whereas RuPaul doesn't see a problem with using "The T Word". While good intentions are clearly the common thread here - I'm almost certain none of these folks meant any disrespect to the trans community - it's becoming clear that this is one faux pas that can no longer be excused.

As the fight for equality rages on, this war of the words shows us how our own communities are evolving. I'll admit that I was on the wrong side of this issue at the beginning, but times they are a-changin'. As someone who is not transgender, I understand that it's simply not "my" word to use - especially if it's going to offend an entire group of people. 


The road to hell is paved with good intentions. But if we've learned anything from Serena Van der Woodsen, it's that she's not one to hide from a scandal. And since Ms. Lively is certainly no stranger to the world of gossip, now would be a good time to issue a mea culpa - before the backlash.

What do you think? Should Blake's people be readying damage control now...or wait to see if it simply blows over?

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