Monday, February 27, 2012


After being demoted to guest star and essentially written off the show, Trevor Donovan brings the sexy (and gay) back to 90210 this Spring. Rejoice, and let the wild speculation begin!

I bet you didn't know that today was the best day ever, did you? It's okay, I wasn't expecting it, either. Now that the Oscars are over, I can turn my attention back to the small screen - starting with the glorious news that Trevor Donovan will be returning to 90210!

Here's a quick refresher for you, since I was too devastated to discuss his departure from BevNiner earlier this season:

  • Teddy arrives as a guest star, is really hot (Season 2)
  • Teddy gets promoted to series regular, begins coming out storyline (Season 3)
  • Teddy gets reverted to guest star, moves away to Washington with his new boyfriend (Season 4)

Zap2it broke the exclusive story regarding TrevDon's return to Beverly Hills this morning, revealing that he'll reappear later this season - and possibly more in Season 5 (should the gang get a renewal). The CW is keeping the deets surrounding just why he'll be back under wraps, but evidently he'll be reuniting with a former WestBev classmate...and facing a "life-changing decision". 

Teddy moves to West Hollywood? Teddy becomes a Falcon star? Teddy buys Offshore and turns it into a beachfront gay bar? My mind, it swirls!

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