Thursday, January 19, 2012


The year was 1987. Goldie Hawn (playing against type) tries "bitch" on for size in Garry Marshall's Overboard. The only thing more colorful than her insults was her outlandish wardrobe, which we'll revisit today in all its sequined, accessorized glory!

Acting opposite her future long-term romantic partner Kurt Russell, Goldie plays a seaward c-word with lots of money and even more attitude...who proceeds to fall off her yacht and loses her memory. There's a ludicrous riches-to-rags plot going on here, but I would like to focus on the pure joy of this movie: Joanna Stayton. Hawn's pre-amnesia character is not only spoiled, vindictive and cruel to Roddy McDowall - she also looks FIERCE the whole damn time. Please to enjoy some of Joanna's greatest looks!

featuring Overboard

Champagne wishes and caviar screams.

Hats 'n bling, do your thing!

Separated at birth assembly?

The sunglasses! A touch of Hill Valley in Elk Cove.

I can't even tell you how many times I've said this.

Birds of a feather.

Gorgeous Goldie spends most of the movie looking like this. Ugh.

Thank god, she got her memory money back!

If the Sparkling Diamond wants a beer, she's gonna drink a beer.

Okay, so the happy ending is actually when she gets back with Kurt Russell. But tequila shots with Roddy and a crew of seamen?
Way more fun.

Overboard is a gem of a rom-com, and it's even more entertaining when you consider all the ways that NONE of this could ever happen nowadays. Hell, it was barely plausible in the 80s. But it sure is a lot of ridiculous-fashion-filled fun! Joanna Stayton forever!

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