Saturday, January 7, 2012

WEHO AD WATCH: 01.07.12

People traffic was at its best today, as all over the city people were out & about enjoying the warmth of SoCal January. Here's a look at the West Hollywood ad landscape for the beginning of 2012.

During my walk to Starbucks this afternoon, I encountered a fair share of Weho staples. Hot shirtless joggers, boyfriends having drama outside the gym, Leslie truly was a sunshine day, as The Brady Bunch once sang. I even found some perfect entries for Weho Ad Watch, to boot! Click all images to make 'em bigger.

At SnoBar (formerly the Quiznos that used to blast dance music), they've opted for apocalyptic humor to promote their ice cream / shaved ice hybrid.

Block Party - self-proclaimed "The Gayest Store on Earth" - seems to be experiencing some indecision regarding Summer and Winter. One thing's for sure: Spring and Fall can just go RIGHT TO HELL.

Just down the boulevard at Rage, a large and deceptive sign seems to offer a sandwich and five beers for $10. Even without the fine print, the catch is that you have to eat at Rage. 

When the holidays are over, they're over. And sometimes you just wanna say "Fuck it."

Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend! There's some nifty stuff headed your way next week. JOE OUT!

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