Thursday, January 5, 2012


Look, I'm not judging here. I love me some Taco Bell. And one would assume that since there's seemingly always a new "Work Here" poster, this is probably an effective form of recruitment for the Bell. 

But I saw this one while grabbing lunch today (LEST YE BE JUDGED), and was pretty dumbstruck by the strange cast of characters they've decided to feature. Click for a closer look:

Y'see, my issue here is not with one's employment at Taco Bell, but rather this bizarre representation of it on behalf of the Taco Bell marketing or HR departments (I'm guessing?). And I've got proof!

When have you ever seen THIS many employees at a Taco Bell at the same time? There's at least 8 people in this shot. And isn't it weird that none of them are customers? Which brings me to...

Why aren't any of these people working? You can kind of see that it's daytime. Based on my patronage, I've never seen it to be this much of a laid-back, friendship-making, never-ending food party.

Disembodied arms aren't allowed to work in the foodservice industry. 

Gotta go work on a different post, now. And that screwdriver ain't just gonna fix itself!

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