Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Ringer returns from its long hiatus, and Bridget's life certainly isn't getting any easier. Siobhan's back in town with things other than murder on her mind, and old friends resurface in the midst of planning a charity event for Juliet's school. It's time for frenemies, fashion, and fisticuffs!

Welcome back, Ringer! It feels like the show has been on break for 6 months, am I right? I'm not at all ashamed to say that I've missed it. Well, it's back! And SPOILER ALERT: it's crazier than ever. 

Since we last left Bridget, she's become so comfortable in Siobhan's life that she has literally let her hair down - SMG's bangs have returned. She and Andrew meet their other married couple friends (y'know, the ones that are still alive) Greer and...husband. I've watched this episode a few times and he just doesn't register. Greer on the other hand, once played a duchess that used to bang Nate Archibald on Gossip Girl. And it turns out that she's got bad blood with Siobhan! Bridget uses subtle hints and internet research to narrow down her list of suspects to 1) a hotel chain, or 2) an entire species of flower.

Siobhan meanwhile is running around New York City like an insane person, sneaking into Andrew's office (not on Claudine's watch!) and later into the apartment, in order to get a copy of the Martin/Charles Financial annual report. THERE MAY BE DISCREPANCIES! In between these covert operations, she's manages to further ruin Henry's life by confessing her love and promptly standing him up. This poor guy, I swear. Not even a visit from Agent Machado cheers him up, because basically Guh-emma is dead and no one cares anymore. 

Juliet is sticking to her rape aggravated sexual assault story, insisting that Mr. Carpenter is a monster. That being said, she confides to Beyonce that she'd rather just leave it in the past, because Siobhan finally doesn't hate her anymore. So she can't shit on that miracle! Things go horribly awry when Bridget chooses the apartment as the venue for her and Greer's public school charity auction, and Mr. C shows up. Juliet gets trashed and makes a scene, but the real spectacle comes later, with Bridget unleashing her special brand of Wyoming hellfire and decking Carpenter. Which of course makes everything worse for Juliet. Because...maybe he didn't actually rape commit aggravated sexual assault against her? Being a high school rape victim on The CW can really ruin things for you. Just look at Naomi on 90210! Oh, wait. Nevermind. Her life is still pretty awesome. Regardless, there's no turning back now. On to the photocap!


I'm also beyond excited to share an amazing gift I received earlier this month...a framed Ringer poster, signed and personalized by series co-creators Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder, as well as Sarah Michelle Gellar herself!

Infinite thanks to Robert & everyone involved with the show, and to all of you for supporting the recaps. We've still got 11 episodes of scandalous soap noir-pra to look forward to!

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