Sunday, April 10, 2011


It was a pretty perfect day in West Hollywood, so I decided to run my errands around the neighborhood on foot. The only thing I love more than natural beauty is target marketing!

While hitting up Pavilions, American Apparel and three different Starbucks, I was treated to our current ad landscape here in WeHo. And with Summer seemingly right around the corner, things were as entertaining as ever!

Not that I would ever complain about Aussie Bum's billboards around town, but I think the beefy migrant worker theme might be a bit much.

You go Kim Kardashian! I don't think it's in any way an accident that this is right outside Rage.

But more important than your medicine cabinet, CVS wants to make sure your goodie drawer is properly stocked as well!
I hadn't noticed the MONKEY in these ads for 'The Borgias' until today.

I fully support all of these amazing organizations, but how can we stop charities from making up their own bullshit words?

Before making my way home, I actually sat in the little park area outside the Pacific Design Center for a while, enjoying the shade and an iced tea. Nice to see all the water features working again!

Hope you've all been having a splendid weekend - Happy Sunday, everyone!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Lessons Learned:
Emma Caulfield Birthday Edition

The actress that brought the character of ex-demon Anya [Christina Emmanuella Jenkins] to life on Buffy the Vampire Slayer for 5 seasons turns 38 today! In honor of Ms. Caulfield's hilarious work, it's time to celebrate some of the Buffy moments that truly endeared her to the world.

Initially I just assumed that she would be a Cordelia surrogate, when Charisma Carpenter left to join David Boreanaz on his Angel spin-off. But by the series' end, she proved herself much more than just the bitchy comic relief. Here's what we've learned:

1. It's ludicrous to have these interlocking bodies and not...interlock.

2. When it comes to customer service, if you already have their money - who cares what kind of day they have?

3. All children despise effort and enjoy cartoons.

4. Once someone dies, they'll never yawn or drink fruit punch again. Heartbreaking.

5. When you grab a gift out of the recipient's hands and say, "Oh, I wish it was mine!", you're probably just saying what everyone else is thinking.

6. Thanksgiving is just a ritual sacrifice...with pie.

7. When you're stuffy and repressed, you overreact.

8. Santa Claus is real, but he doesn't bring presents. He disembowels children.

9. If Captain Logic isn't steering the tugboat, then you probably smell Captain Fear at the wheel.

10. What DO bunnies need such good eyesight for, anyway?

I'll wrap up this commemorative post with Anya's brilliant speech on humanity, from the penultimate episode "End of Days":

"Well, I guess I was kinda new to being around humans before. And now I've seen a lot more, gotten to know people, seen what they're capable of, and I guess I just realize how amazingly...screwed up they all are. I mean, really, really screwed up in a monumental fashion. And they have no purpose that unites them, so they just drift around, blundering through life until they die. Which they know is coming, yet every single one of them is surprised when it happens to them. They're incapable of thinking about what they want beyond the moment. They kill each other, which is clearly insane, and yet, here's the thing: When it's something that really matters, they fight. I mean, they're lame morons for fighting. But they do. They never...they never quit. And so I guess I will keep fighting, too."

Birthday cheers to you, Emma! Thanks for embodying one of my favorite TV characters of all time.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


One of the many lessons Vincent Price taught us in his lifetime was that "no mere mortal can resist the evil of the thriller". It turns out that Transformers are just as susceptible.

I know I posted about dancing robots last month, but it would be almost criminal of me not to share this with the world. Do you like Michael Jackson's Thriller? (The answer is yes.) Do you like Transformers? (If you answered no to that one I won't hold it against you, but you're here so we'll assume the affirmative to both questions.)

I have to give the biggest hat tip in all of Cybertron to my friend Ted for posting this on Facebook. Without his generosity, I may have overlooked this YouTube gem, direct from our beleaguered friends in Japan (please make a donation below). Shit gets REAL around the 1:20 mark - then just sit back and enjoy:

It may be ridiculous, but it's still better than Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen...and I'm one of the few who actually kinda dug that piece. I know there are some flashbacks in the upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon - can we maybe throw this in too, Michael Bay?

Aid the recovery effort in Japan after the devastation of the recent earthquake(s) and tsunami.

Donate to the Red Cross directly by using your smartphone to scan the QR code in the image above, or by clicking the link below:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


They released their self-titled first LP this week, but NYC DJ duo Holy Ghost! has been on the scene since 2007. Here's what you need to know to get up to speed and in on the party right now.

Sometimes we get what we ask for. It's usually out of the blue and not what we'd expect, but smart folks know when not to look a gift horse in the mouth. That's my experience with Holy Ghost!.

I got their single "Hold On" as a free download of the week from iTunes in 2008, and I liked it a lot. I would find some great remixes by the NYC-based duo - both incredibly capable DJs - over the next couple of years, and kept wanting more. In January, they released another single "Do It Again", which was easily their best work to date. But I still wanted more. I guess I'm kind of greedy like that, but trust that it's all coming from a good place.

So imagine my shock when I went to iTunes last night to see the new releases of the week, and found it: the self-titled, full album. It was pretty exciting, I'm not gonna lie.

True to form, from start to finish the LP is top notch. Each track just keeps the forward momentum going - "Some Children" and "Jam for Jerry" are 2 of my favorites right now. I think one of the best things you can say about a DJ is that their music keeps you in a steady, constant state of movement. Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel double up that energy as Holy Ghost! - and it's a perfect combination.

You can stream/download previous essentials "Static on the Wire" (try the RAC Remix, too), "I Will Come Back" and the aforementioned singles over at their RCRD LBL page. But wait...there's more!

Like a game show where you win amazing music, Holy Ghost!'s label DFA Records even has a 14-track "mixtape" of an absolutely incredible DJ set, featuring HG!-remixed cuts from Phoenix, MGMT, Cut Copy and more. I listened to whole thing while writing this review, in fact. Get it here.

For my fellow Angelenos, you can check out Holy Ghost! live at the Echoplex on Monday April 18th at 9pm, with Chairlift opening. Advanced tix are only $15 general admission, and it's an 18+ show if that kind of thing applies to/interests you. Lock it down at TicketWeb - I'm there for sure!

So whether you've enjoyed them from "way back" or are just joining the party already in progress, it's a good time to be a Holy Ghost! fan. Their self-titled LP was released on Tuesday, and you can get your mitts on it at iTunes for under $8. Meet your new electronic heroes.
Twitter: @HolyGhostNYC