Monday, March 21, 2011


While the robot takeover seems like it's getting closer every day, take comfort in the fact that ASIMO from Honda is really just here to help. And dance.

During a visit to Disneyland last weekend, I had the rare experience of seeing something new - at least to me. I've done just about everything there is to do at the resort over the past ten years, so it gives me great pleasure when I get to fill in some gaps.

Why hadn't I seen the ASIMO presentation in Tomorrowland, there since 2005? I can answer that question with one word: Innoventions. Any Disneyland enthusiast will tell you that Innoventions is worthless at best, and a catastrophic failure of a replacement for Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress at worst. Most regular guests will just tell you it's boring.

ASIMO has been at the Happiest Place on Earth for nearly 6 years though, entertaining those daring enough to enter the Revolving Building of Boredom and find their way to his theater. During 15-minute presentations throughout the day, you'll see magic at work - only this time, it's real.

So what the heck is ASIMO? Simply put, he's a robot. His name is an acronym, which stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility. Designed and engineered by Honda, ASIMO was created with a relatively basic purpose: to help human beings. Standing at about 4-feet tall, this little guy is proof that technological marvels can come in small packages.

While you can take a more in-depth look at his many capabilities on the ASIMO website, it was the seemingly simple functions I witnessed that had me in awe. He talks, he has camera eyes, he can go up and down stairs (way cooler than it sounds), he can play soccer and can even run. But the best part? ASIMO can dance.

That's right, people! ASIMO can DANCE! The party lights came up, the music started, and this little robot got down. Like most of the experience, you really have to see ASIMO to believe it. But for now just trust me that it's really, really impressive. I wanna take him to the club with me!

So the next time you're at Disneyland, make sure you pop in to Innoventions and see the show. 'Cause it's not a cast member in a suit or an audio-animatronic figure - ASIMO is 100% robotics in action.

And while I hope to have one around the house in my lifetime, I've also seen
Battlestar Galactica. I know how it could end, so I'll be treating ASIMO with nothing but love and respect!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


As legendary entertainers go, you don't get much more spectacular than Cher. And now the incredibly true story of how she social network'd me - and why Glee may even be in her future.

The professionally-crafted force of nature known as Cher is pretty much synonymous with gay culture - and with good reason. She lives for larger-than-life glamor, embraces camp, and personifies the abstract concept of "fabulous".

And she talked to me. CHER talked to ME.

Okay, so I didn't actually hear the sound of her voice addressing me (my head probably would have exploded) - but she gave me the next best thing. A tweet! Fresh off my excitement of getting a personal message from Trevor Donovan (hahahaha), I think it's safe to say that I'm officially a loyal Twitter user 'til the end of days.

It all went down on Friday night, and quickly. I was enjoying some of Daniel Tosh's new stand-up special Happy Thoughts (happy thoughts, indeed) and browsing through my Twitter feed. Dot-Marie Jones - who plays Coach Beiste on Glee - is a frequently hilarious all-caps tweeter, and I noticed her reply to one of Cher's tweets with the following:

So I retweeted it. To be perfectly honest, I only did so because the tweet made me laugh (it was adorable), and Cher on Glee would probably cause the planet to grind to a halt and begin rotating in the opposite direction, purely out of the aforementioned camp-factor.

But then a few minutes later, I got a notification on my phone. I had a reply:

Oddly enough, my initial response was to burst out into uncontrollable, excited laughter. And I'm not too cool for school to tell you that my heart rate definitely increased. I opened my laptop to make sure that I had seen things correctly (after half a bottle of wine I need to confirm), and sure was real.

I even double-checked to make sure it wasn't a fake account, and found the official "Verified" seal on her Twitter profile. So this was the real deal. My heart rate sped up a bit more. Without even addressing her directly, Empress Cher chose to reply to me out of her 160,000+ followers. It's like I won the gay lottery!

When I woke up yesterday, I lay in bed wondering if it had all been a CabSav-induced dream. But the tweet was still wasn't my imagination. Cher really had informed me via Twitter that she was interested in doing Glee. It's a really random basis for a "conversation" that I'll never forget, and that somehow makes it even better.

Ryan Murphy, you totally owe me.

Monday, March 14, 2011


While outside forces have been conspiring to keep me from updating as much this month, know that I haven't forgotten about y'all. This week's offering comes from the gifted Frenchmen who make up Phoenix, with a little help from the genius of RAC. Seriously, RAC remixes are consistently spectacular.

"Armistice" is off of Phoenix's 2009 release Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, which - even in its unremixed state - offers 10 tracks to rival my favorite of their albums, It's Never Been Like That from 2006. But as mentioned, RAC does something extra special!

Armistice (RAC Remix)
Free Download

This top drawer remix comes to you legally and gratis by RCRD LBL. Their daily newsletter has quickly become one of my favorite resources for new music, the best of which I share with you. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Trevor Donovan used the internet to talk to me, and things will never be the same.

Twitter is absolutely fascinating to me. It's becoming the most direct form of social networking (aside from talking to someone, I guess), and for better or worse - it brings celebs closer to their fans than ever before. Twitter changed my world last week, and I'm shocked/delighted to report that it had to do with my favorite 32-year old high school senior.

Trevor Donovan, of
90210 and abs, tweets a lot. They're usually always entertaining, and Thursday was no exception. Someone apparently asked him what motivates him when he goes running, and I couldn't help but chime in:

I carried on with my day, and less than an hour later, my phone buzzed that I had a direct message on Twitter. I let slip a low shriek at my desk when I saw that it was from none other than Trevor Donovan himself:

You guys, this is huge. Not only did I make him laugh, but I did so to the point that he was compelled to message me about it. Now it's only a matter of time before life imitates art, and he comes looking for me...right?

I don't think I'll ever look at those letters repeated four times the same way, ever again.

I mean, seriously. Could you?

For those of you actually keeping up with 90210, TrevDon is doing a pretty fantastic job with his character's coming out storyline. He still goes missing for entire episodes now and then, sure - but there are evil gurus to vanquish and guest stars like Snoop Dogg that require screen time. The BevNiner is a busy place.

The writers haven't forgotten about him, though! While Teddy's first whatever Ian is all but a distant memory, we've already met his new love interest - the infinitely hotter soccer jock Marco (Freddie Smith, above left).

And since this is The CW, there's some ridiculously attractive crossover! Alan Ritchson (above right) played Aquaman on the walking corpse known as Smallville, and also does quite a bit of modeling in his underwear...or less. Soon he'll be having his own m4m run-in with Teddy in Mexico, when the Spring Break episode kicks off the tail-end of season 3 on April 18th. Bring it on.

I'm officially on TrevDon's radar, and it's a great place to be! Turns out laughter can also be an aphrodisiac.