Friday, December 30, 2011


Happy December, everyone! What's that? It's almost over? Another year is dunzo? Well, shit. I've been an incredibly busy fellow this month, so please accept my apologies for the total lack of updates since late November. 

The good news is that I've actually been, y'know...doing stuff! Some pretty bitchin' stuff, to boot. This year marked my first Christmas here in California since moving here 11 years ago, and I more than made up for the lack of snow with a whirlwind month.

Here are some highlights...

The touring exhibition for Amtrak's 40th anniversary rolled into Union Station one weekend, so my good friend James and I took the subway downtown for a day of fun and exploration.

Fuck, did you know Amtrak's trains used to be intergalactic?

Ladies and gentlemen, Rihanna!

They wanted money to visit this other train. NO THANKS I'LL JUST GET A PHOTO.

The always beautiful and amazing Union Station.

Restaurant space at Union Station reserved for private events. Like my 30th birthday celebration?

There may be some debate as to Philippe's claim that they invented the French Dip sandwich, but I couldn't care less. It's so damn good.

My first visit to Olvera Street! Wikipedia hilariously refers to it as "a colorful Mexican marketplace".

Don't find yourself cheated by other nativity brokers!

Obligatory Occupy Wall Street photograph. That's City Hall in the background (obvi).

The Walt Disney Concert Hall. Spectacular. End of story.

Angels Flight, the world's shortest railway! It's 298 feet of 33% grade (as in, it's on a hill) fun. There's even a Bette Midler banner about recycling inside!

The sun had just about set. Love.


That's City Hall reflected on the LAPD headquarters. I hope the latter was designed with this in mind.

Judge Doom-esque tile mural man at the Universal City Red Line station.

Surprise! They opened a 2nd Cabo Cantina (Fiesta's straight cousin) on Hollywood Boulevard! And this isn't forced perspective - the drinks are ENORMOUS.

Glee found new and inventive ways to out-gay itself for their second Christmas episode. It was completely bizarre and overwhelmingly charming.

The CW Holiday Party! Here's me with one of the Happy Feet 2 penguins. There was another one, but he was tall and had a really terrifying face.

The Americana at Brand is essentially The Grove, made especially for Glendale. Hence the outdoor chandeliers. It faux-snows here, too!

The strange thing is...I don't remember Santa being in the frame! Dun dun DUN.

One night there was a viewing of Look Who's Talking Now. Yes, the one with the dogs. But also Charles Barkley!

The night I saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in IMAX, there was a truly awful charity concert for the gay-hating Salvation Army going on at CityWalk called..."Rockin' the Red Kettle". There were HUNDREDS of people.

During Mom's visit, we of course visited Disneyland. It's required, after all!

Spotted this amazing gallery window after popping into Magnolia Bakery to say hi to the banana pudding.

My boss got this 8-bit wreath for the office, and he hung it across from my desk so I could stare at it all day. Yep, I still love my job!

A recently renovated building near my house was turned into an Apple Store, complete with...fake trees and snow? Turns out it was just so they could film a commercial.

It's the little things.

During Dad's visit, we went to Santa Monica Pier (among lots of other things, don't worry). Never noticed this 'End of Route 66' display before!

Just a tiny sampling of the extraordinary Cirque Du Soleil Iris show. It's at the Kodak Theatre. GO SEE IT.

Last but certainly not least, just a few days ago I got a brand new car. She's a 2012 Fiat 500 Pop, and I love her!

And there you have it. Dual parental visits, exciting local tourist adventures, and some genuinely spectacular entertainment. It has definitely been an exhausting month, but in the absolute best way possible. And now it's almost New Year's Eve!

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