Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Bridget continues to get cozy with Andrew, which doesn't please his manipulative business partner one bit. Malcolm begins to suspect Charlie's motivations...which rightfully makes Bridget as paranoid as Siobhan, who was on antidepressants after lying to her therapist. In Butler news: Gemma's still alive, and the twins are real!

A few more payoffs, a few more more twists, and some cutthroat business ethics. Tonight's episode of Ringer accomplished a lot, even if it was sadly without the help of Agent Machado or Juliet. After several straight weeks of almost getting her shit together, Bridget returns to bumbling detective mode (skills honed by SMG's role as Daphne from Scooby-Doo, no doubt) to try and play mind games with Siobhan's THERAPIST. I'm willing to let these massive lapses in judgment slide, because she's also realizing that she's falling in love with Andrew. And that's pretty fucked up. 

While it usually bugs me when shows retcon stuff that happened in the pilot, I'm completely okay with the revelation that Bridget didn't knock out her cop escort and steal his gun back in Wyoming - he gave it to her and told her to run. Of course, said cop was also hired by Siobhan by way of Charlie to make sure Bridget came running right into her scheming clutches. Because no one can be trusted!

Investigating a lead from Siobhan's therapist's files, Bridget spies Charlie drinking at a bar called "Rectory" in an old church. She and Malcolm soon deduce that not only can Charlie not be trusted, but that it's not even his real name. What's worse, Bro Henchman is keeping a very much alive Guh-emma hostage in a basement in Brooklyn. Malcolm does his best to search the house, but has to flee as Bridget's obvious stall tactics are...well, obvious...and Charlie informs Siobhan via Trouble Alert that Bridget's catching on (to him). And now your photocap!


No real mention is made of how or why Siobhan is still in Paris, after essentially being booted last week by a very pissed, very misinformed Tyler. Here's hoping her obvious frustration with Charlie the Bro Henchman is a sign that she's going to have to take matters into her own hands. Bridget still thinks she's got Siobhan figured out, and has laid out her new, ultra-clear mission statement of "I'm not leaving until I figure out what happened to my sister". It's almost painful to watch Andrew so happy with Bridget, because that happiness will without a doubt all go to hell eventually. 

And speaking of going to hell, terror-faced Olivia goes against Andrew's wishes to court Guh-emma's dying father's financial portfolio. By tricking a liquored up Henry into signing documents without reading them. Poor guy. But fear not - I've got great news! The Butler's Invisible Children have re-materialized! 

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