Saturday, November 19, 2011


Considered a guilty pleasure in its earlier seasons, Gossip Girl now holds a more infamous distinction...that of the lowest-rated show on network television. It's a good thing there's still plenty of drama to go around on the Upper East Side, even five years in!

When I first saw the Gossip Girl pilot in 2007, I knew I was watching something special. Since then, I've loyally stuck with the UES gang, as other die-hard fans fell by the wayside. I understood their complaints, but I always knew that GG would creatively pull through. And while I personally think it has, that asshole Nielsen begs to differ.

It pains me to report that based on recent statistics provided by Vulture (whose comprehensive coverage of "The Greatest Show of Our Time" is unsurpassed), Gossip Girl is officially the lowest-rated series on network television. I'm willing to give you that it may not be the most relatable show, but one thing it has always been is ridiculously entertaining.

Serena Van der Woodsen is still the most beautiful, charming idiot in Manhattan. Her half-baked schemes are the stuff of legend, as is her questionable dating history (who falls head over heels in love this much?). Usually always by her side is Blair Waldorf, who remains as intelligent, elitist and unapologetically vicious as Serena is stupid.

This season has been as twisted as ever, with Diana Payne (guest star Elizabeth muh-fuggin' Hurley) pulling the strings of basically the entire cast. Well, except Rufus and Lily. I think the show has finally realized that they're irrelevant. Dan is much less insufferable now that Vanessa & Jenny are gone, but he needs to fix his stupid Jeff Buckley hair pronto. Chuck has surprisingly turned out to be one of the most level-headed of the group these days, and in case you're, they still haven't figured out what to do with the sweetly-vacant Nate Archibald. If you need him, he'll be smoking a bowl and nailing cougars. Some things never change.

In summation: If you enjoy camp, fantasy-level drama and privileged people trying to destroy each other - AND you've got a Nielsen box in your home - do me and The CW a favor and tune in Mondays at 8pm. If this is going to end up being the final season, let them go out with a bang!

UPDATE: Vulture talked to executive producer Joshua Safran at GG's 100th episode celebration party, and he says that no one's told him that this would be the final season. The president of Warner Bros. Television would also like there to be at least one more (you don't say!), so there's still time for the Powers That Be to craft a wholly satisfying, mind-blowing season 6 before packing it in. But you should still watch!

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