Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Under suspicion yet again, Bridget leaks a little truth to Andrew and Henry about her family. Juliet exhibits responsible behavior for the first time, and pays dearly for it. Malcolm trades Wyoming for New York, while Charlie lends a hand. Ringer returns...with more sass, sex and SMG faces!

Even though I've been loving this show so far, tonight's episode really made me feel like someone woke Sarah Michelle Gellar up. She's alert, she's snappy, and there's no shortage of her signature "fuck off" faces. She really nailed this episode. 

There's an impressive use of split screen early , as "Siobhan" has pre-briefed Andrew and Henry (separately) on her horrible, horrible sister "Bridget". They play along with the cops and Machado, but complain to her about it later. Malcolm has managed to escape Wyoming (sorta) and somehow tracks Bridget down in NYC, specifically at Guh-emma's ribbon-cutting / memorial service. Bridget meanwhile enlists Charlie in searching Guh-emma's car (that Henry stashed at airport long term parking) for clues. And just as Bridget's life seems to be falling apart even more, it turns out someone she trusts is working for Siobhan...


It's worth mentioning that this episode was written by showrunner Pam Veasey, who clearly understands these characters a bit more than others. Bridget was sharp and a little scrappy, which is something we've needed. Her fake voicemail left for "herself" was really clever, and shows us that Bridget is actually capable of thinking on her feet. 

I remain a little confused about who Juliet is supposed to be from week to week, as they haven't decided if she's ever going to stop being pissed off (after the ramifications of her car accident tonight...probably not). I also like to think that she and Mr. C fucked in the back of an ambulance when no one was looking. Priceless was the look on Bridget's face when Andrew told her they would take an ultrasound at the hospital post-fainting. Panic and terror. And yeah, it looks like the AV Club was right again...Charlie and Siobhan have been in cahoots all along. Worst sponsor ever!

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