Saturday, October 15, 2011

WEHO AD WATCH: 10.15.11

The weather has been unusually warm for mid-October, so it's time to check in once again on the West Hollywood ad landscape with some unconventional marketing.

It was just before Summer that I posted the last WeHo Ad Watch. A few months (and some frequent triple-digit temperatures later), businesses great and small are getting the word out on their Fall product - from yard sales to blockbuster hopefuls. Click all images to make 'em bigger.

By far the most effective advertising I've seen for a yard sale. This was spray-painted on the boxspring of a mattress set that someone left roadside. 

"Beware!! Enter At Your Own Risk!" A little on the nose, Micky's...don't you think?

Instead of the depressing black & blue photos of Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried for their new movie In Time, just give the gays what we want!

Oh, politics! I like it when you're clever.

It's shaping up to be another gorgeous weekend in West Hollywood! Here's hoping the weather stays enjoyable for AIDS Walk Los Angeles tomorrow. Team Zip and a Kick! has raised $3,355 so far, and there's still time to donate! Regardless, enjoy the "Autumn" sunshine!

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