Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The disappearance of Gemma Butler becomes a thing people actually care about - from Bridget, to the NYPD, to Agent Machado. Can Henry be trusted? Can Juliet work her redemptive magic at public school? Welcome back to your weekly guide to the machinations of Bridget and Siobhan!

No time is wasted in making Henry look as guilty as humanly possible. Between the makeshift CSI cleanup to his smoldering, terrifying (and kinda hot) facial expressions, something definitely seems "off" to quote Andrew. Mr. Martin's also busy dealing with Juliet's pants-less assault on public school, where she meets a hot young teacher that she will almost certainly have sex with before the end of the season. Machado still can't rescue Malcolm (no hurry, thx), but makes another startling connection. Let's take a closer look:

You're positively  Bridget  if...

  • Your slut-wrangling skills come in handy when convincing your fake stepdaughter to wear pants to school
  • You seem increasingly paranoid that your reflection may leap through the mirror and attack you
  • You wear only your finest leather goods to rummage through dumpsters

You're certainly  Siobhan  if...
  • You think post-orgasm afterglow is the best time to discuss killing your loved ones

Seeing as how you can probably tell Bridget and Siobhan apart pretty easily by now (Bridget's the one that's actually IN the episodes from week to week), I may be taking a break from the above format for a bit. While I strategize for the future, here's a more traditional photocap:


In a classic bait and switch, we discover that it was actually Siobhan who planned Gemma's "disappearance" (I want a body). Which means that Henry's not a murderer, but he probably is crazy. Still no visual on the Butler children, FYI. Tessa the Teen Tormenter has no possible understanding of the shitstorm that's coming, should she continue to pick fights with Juliet. Don't hold back, T! I want to see this. 

Agent Machado lady-kicks his way through doors at Club Caged in Wyoming (aka the halfhearted soundstage strip club) searching for Malcolm, only to find that Bodaway's already had him moved. Speaking of Bridget's sponsors, Charlie plays the ultimate hero by throwing a bag of coke/weed/pills into a garbage can. These SponsorScenes are basically vacuums for fun, and I hope one of them gets possessed by a demon soon.

Next Week on Ringer:
Bridget reveals to her menz that Siobhan does in fact have a twin, and Juliet parties like her trust fund's running out. New episode & recap November 1st!

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