Wednesday, October 12, 2011


In 1963, Walt Disney introduced us to Archimedes the Owl in The Sword in the Stone. The sassy crank and his "roommate" Merlin would be some of the last characters that Walt would oversee before his death, and they continue to live on in the spirit of bickering homosexuals everywhere.

People occasionally ask me why I love owls so much. I suspect that this is because owls are featured in my decor, and folks need an explanation so they don't think it's something creepy. I don't really have a proper answer, but if I had to pinpoint a major influence on my owl love? Archimedes. OF COURSE.

Yeah, Sword in the Stone isn't one of Disney's masterpieces. It reuses a lot of animation from The Black Cauldron, and my heart still breaks for that lovesick lady squirrel. But it did feature a prickly rapport between a wizard and his owl that was maybe one of the first gay relationships I had ever seen as a child.

Don't panic, I'm not trying to out Disney characters. Archimedes was just such a bitchy, pompous queen in retrospect. And he was always fighting back and forth with Merlin! He's an owl, he could just fly away. But he doesn't. Disney presents: Co-Dependence! 

Call it whatever you want, these two ol' coots have got a good thing going. So here's to you, fellas - you'll always be the most interesting part of Aurthurian legend to me!

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