Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Bridget deals with the consequences of her actions (sort of), continues to freak out everyone around her by behaving like a good person, AND plays a spirited game of "Hide the Corpse" a fancy party, of course. Welcome back to your weekly guide to telling Bridget and Siobhan apart!

Episode 2 was a big step up in quality for SMG's soap noir-pra. Production has officially moved to Los Angeles  (while the show still takes place in New York), and everyone feels as though they've found their footing. Along with some sisterly flashbacks, we also met a new recurring character in Siobhan's husband's business partner - who clearly would be Elizabeth Hurley if she wasn't already booked on Gossip Girl. Here we go!

You're totally  Bridget  if...
  • You take a page from the Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead playbook by shoving a corpse into a steamer trunk...possibly with the help of a buzz saw
  • You bust out the formal hair extensions while waging war on your own credibility with the FBI
  • You advise your fake best friend to leave her husband, even though they have 3-year old twins
  • You bond with your fake stepdaughter over your shared love/hate relationship with booze and pills

You're definitely  Siobhan  if...
  • You've probably slept with a bank manager or two
  • You time traveled back 9 years to wear Frances McDormand's denim jacket disaster from the Tonys at a Lake Tahoe dive bar
  • Your French comes out sounding phonetic
  • It's entirely possible that you've never been very fond of your twin sister to begin with

I loved this episode! With the expository heavy lifting being confined to the Previouslies, we got to dive right in to the action. Gellar herself seems much more comfortable; her stiffness from the pilot is all but gone. My only complaints with "She's Ruining Everything" are that Clown BFF Guh-emma continues to run around like a 9-foot tall banshee, and future Razzie winner Kristoffer Polaha remained clothed the whole time. And oh yeah, do you think that Ryan Murphy impersonator stole the body?

Next Week on Ringer:
Bridget's on the hunt for clues, Agent Alpert's on the hunt for Bridget, and Mr. Fantastic may have a secret of his own!

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