Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Bridget seeks out the cell phone Charlie to her Angel, while a carefree Siobhan paints Paris drowsy with a new man. Throw in an all-you-can-eat designer fashion buffet and some hedge fund drama, and you've got this week's episode! Welcome back to your weekly guide to telling Bridget and Siobhan apart!

While not necessarily the most intriguing of episodes, this week's Ringer gave us exactly what we've been missing the last two weeks: more Siobhan. Turns out slutty behavior runs in the family, as she beguiles a man named Tyler (that kinda hot guy from Knight Rider 2.0) with her sheer mastery of the French language. Stateside, Bridget suspects Andrew's involvement in the hit out on Siobhan...for some reason. She plays chicken with the cell phone voice and "buys [her]self some insurance", because she heard that on TV once. And now, onward!

You're positively  Bridget  if...
  • You've never heard of circumstantial evidence
  • You talk to yourself more than you talk to your fake best friend, even when she's in the same room as you
  • You hope to discover new and crucial information from three inanimate objects by laying them out in a row on your bed
  • You loudly mention dead bodies on your cell phone, having taken at maximum five steps away from an FBI agent

You're certainly  Siobhan  if...
  • You take time out of your busy life-ruining schedule to get tarted up and sit alone at a bar
  • Your idea of an inconspicuous pseudonym is "Cora Feral"
  • You tell Parisian bartenders that you're looking for the man of your dreams, because they've never heard that before
  • You think that (at least) three conflicts of interest only make it sexier

Check out my friend Nick's Ringer re-enacted with Buffy action figures!

Siobhan's pregnancy is still a thing, and now she knows about it! I love the idea of a Type-A personality in freefall, especially when played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. Guh-emma still looks like a stilt-walker monster from Knott's Scary Farm - now with 100% more surprise cleavage. Henry's futile attempts to be a man are only magnified by the fact that Agent Machado is so damn fine at it. And obviously Andrew's not a black hat. He's Mr. Fantastic. Jeez, you guys.

Next Week on Ringer:

It's the twins' birthday...Hamptons party, y'all! Plus, bad news for good news for the rest of us!

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