Sunday, September 11, 2011


DC Comics' universe-spanning reboot is just getting started, and things are looking a bit more familiar around Gotham. Barbara Gordon dons the cape and cowl once again as Batgirl, in her brand new series - accept no substitutes!

I was overjoyed when I learned over the Summer that with 'The New 52', DC Comics would be reinstating Barbara Gordon to her rightful place as Batgirl. I've always been a Babs purist you see, and pretty much refused to accept any of the other knock-offs over the years. There is only one.

Batgirl #1 dropped on Wednesday, and I purchased it digitally (this is what I do now). I couldn't wait to see what alterations they had made to the well-established continuity, and with only one minor quibble...I was not disappointed!

For those of you who aren't in the know, Barbara Gordon basically gave up the Batgirl mantle after being shot by The Joker in the acclaimed graphic novel The Killing Joke. This rendered her paralyzed, wheelchair-bound, and frankly not nearly as much fun.

Thanks to the reboot, though - things are a little different. The phenomenal story from TKJ has still taken place, only Ms. Gordon has actually recovered in this new version (physically, anyway). I'm also thrilled to report that the artists at DC have given Batgirl a hot new uniform, which even incorporates some of the classic purple from the Adam West TV series incarnation of the character.

I was surprised to learn the next day that critical reaction to the "new" Batgirl was iffy at best. A lot of people seem to think the story is too dark, which...okay. The first issue does have its grim moments, but it's also the first issue. You can't expect the powers that be to reboot an iconic character AND introduce a new villain AND have it all make perfect sense in 32 pages. Call me crazy, but I think that's asking a lot, fanboys. And no one's got more love for this Gotham City gal than me. 

Maybe it's because I have such an affection for the character (since way back in my youth), but I'm on board with the 'New 52' version of Barbara Gordon, and I'm ready to see where this new road takes her. Besides, there was something about seeing "DC Comics Proudly Presents: Batgirl" that just felt like things were finally getting back to how they should be.

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