Thursday, August 18, 2011


Like a fever dream you can't wake up from, Steven Soderbergh's new project - the male stripper extravaganza Magic Mike - is taking on an absurd amount of Hollywood's hot-bodied finest. Might we finally have the male equivalent of Showgirls on our hands?

While most of the buzz lately has been concerning new Fall TV series and super hero films, there is one man in Hollywood who is brave enough to give us what we want; what we always knew in our heart of hearts we needed. That man is Steven Soderbergh.

I'm of course referring to Magic Mike, the incredible true(ish) story of how Channing Tatum go-go-boyed his way from obscurity to...well, whatever level of fame you choose to associate him with. The casting news in the last few days alone has been enough to make me question reality. Could this be real? Am I in the Matrix? Is this the Holodeck? Do these questions make you embarrassed for me?

Here's a brief history:

Channing Tatum (ChannsMcTates)
who will be stepping into the obvious Nomi Malone role.

Alex Pettyfer (Tan, British, Beautiful Douchebag)
who will no doubt be causing trouble for our hero.
He's a badass, didn't you hear?

Matthew Bomer (MattyBomes)
who will most likely make the most money at the club,
and be resented for his beauty.

Joe Manganiello (Fortress Von WolfenFine)
who reports say will be portraying "Big Dick Richie"
...will probably get rough with a handsy customer.

And although not nearly as appealing to me, it's pretty exciting for the middle-aged women out there:

Matthew McConaughey (Matthew McConaughey)
who is actually confirmed to be playing
Channing Tatum's Grandpa
the ex-stripper who owns the club.

Add to all of this the reports that Soderbergh won't shy away from full frontal male nudity, and it seems more than likely that this movie is tailor-made for women the same way Sex and the City was. Which is to say, not at all. Gay men will be contributing to most of this film's box office.  

And at the rate they're going with casting, this could end up being the Valentine's Day of male stripper movies!

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