Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The outrageously surreal week in San Diego known as Comic-Con International has once again come and gone. Complete with photos, gossip and a white-knuckled TV interview - enjoy a look back from another perspective.

2011 San Diego Comic-Con International marked my 6th year at the show. While it has yet to become old hat for me, there's definitely a lot of comfort involved in knowing what to expect. But just like Big Brother (cue ChenBot), one must always expect the unexpected when it comes to the Con!

So grab a beverage from this helpful R2 unit, and let me give you a look around the largest gathering of nerds, fanboys, collectors and swag-hunters on the planet. Click photos to make 'em bigger!

My headquarters, the Entertainment Earth booth!

Our partnership with Showtime again this year resulted in a life-size Dexter action figure, a scaled replica of Dexter's 'Slice of Life' boat, and a giant bobble head of the man himself.

G4 stopped by for some press on our exclusive products, and spoke to yours truly...

Me with our Twilight Zone Talky Tina Doll Replica and Doctor Who TARDIS Bobble Head.

Of course there were some actual celebrities at the EE booth throughout the show, too:

The one and only WILLIAM SHATNER appeared at the booth to debut our "Signature Edition" Twilight Zone Mystic Seer Replica and sign some of his Twilight Zone action figures!

Other special guests included some returning favorites (Todd McFarlane and Venture Bros. creators Jackson Publick & Doc Hammer) as well as some new faces:

Larry Kenney, the original voice of Lion-O from Thundercats.

Daniel Roebuck, who played the incredible, exploding Dr. Arzt on LOST.

Pen Ward, the creator of the crazy popular Cartoon Network series Adventure Time with Finn & Jake.

I ran into mo-cap superstar Andy Serkis (most notable in my memory for playing Gollum/Smeagol from the Lord of the Rings films) while visiting a friend at the Quantum Mechanix booth.

Spotted at the Showtime party: Michael C. Hall and Firefly/Serenity/V's Morena Baccarin (in a hot leopard print dress).

All across the show floor, networks were touting their new Fall series with a variety of giveaways and photo opps:

The procedure for obtaining one of the highly-coveted Pan Am bags was unfortunately so complicated that it resulted in a lot of frustrated people. Myself included. 

Thankfully the CBS booth made up for it with a green screen photo booth, allowing me to get up close and personal with twice the Sarah Michelle Gellar (just like George Lucas would have wanted) from the upcoming Ringer.

The classics never die!

Though some classics should just be left alone. If I had to suffer this in person, you have to suffer it on the internet.

At the end of the day though, the best part of Comic-Con is arguably the people traffic. You never know who you'll pass on the way to your next destination, whether it be sci-fi, super hero, video game, or even Disney character (I saw a ton more Rapunzels from Tangled than I was expecting). Here are my 2011 "People of Comic-Con":

I struck up a conversation with this incredibly hot member of the Green Lantern Corps (I have no shame in San Diego), and he proceeded to pose for me. Yup. That totally happened.

This guy rules.

Cosplay Ladies!

Bitch stole my outfit.

After six days of almost nonstop excitement, it's back to the real world for me. Luckily my birthday is right around the corner! And lest I begin to mourn the loss of SDCC, New York Comic-Con is just a few short months away...


John said...

You met Arzt!!!! And awesome that you got to hold the G4 mike.

John said...

As for ChenBot, "but first..."