Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Leighton Meester performed a sold out show at The Troubadour last night, but the biggest surprise wasn't her Gossip Girl family in attendance - but rather that her musical style seems to have changed more drastically than Jenny Humphrey's wardrobe. 

When I got my tickets a couple weeks ago to see Leighton Meester in concert, I was more overjoyed than perhaps any man in his late twenties should have been. Not that I cared - I was going to see Blair Waldorf LIVE! It wasn't just a blind love, either. While it's true that I've been a Gossip Girl fan since the beginning, I also love the singles she's released over the past couple years. Girl's got a voice! Dance it up!

During my walk over to the Troubadour (and all afternoon prior), my mind was swirling with possibilities. Would Blake Lively be there? What about Dorota? And for the love of all things holy, what if Garrett Hedlund showed up?! I haven't even seen Country Strong yet, but the very idea of GarrHeds up on stage dueting with The Meester was enough to give me heart palpitations.

First reactions as she took the stage? Her hair looked amazing. Loved the bangs. Her choice of wardrobe, though...let's just say that, were this the Upper East Side, Queen B would have banished her before she even had a chance to defend the hippie blouse and skirt with an elastic waistband she was wearing. But I digress! Leighton has been working on some new material - that's the good news. The not-as-good news is that it sounds nothing like "Somebody to Love" or "Your Love's a Drug". 

You see, the opening band "Check in the Dark" is also who she's been making music with lately. And the lead singer (who looked like a less-hot version of Treat Williams back in the day...good try) is clearly sexing/brainwashing her. Leighton's entire set list consisted of song after song of slow, sad, Seattle coffee house music. This isn't a critique of her vocal ability - she can definitely sing - more like frustration over feeling (slightly) baited and switched. No one said anything about an indie rock band! There wasn't a single dance beat in the house.

Probably the most exciting part of the evening concerned the "celebrity" attendees in the audience. Chilling on the second level was Georgina Sparks/Dawn Summers herself, Michelle Trachtenberg! I must say that watching her slowly drift into obvious boredom was worth the price of admission. She was with former Hellcats star/current BFF Aly Michalka. Whatevs.

Serena's grandma CeCe Rhodes (Caroline Lagerfelt) was also in the crowd on the first floor, looking about 20 years younger than she's portrayed on GG. Sadly she was not holding a teacup filled with gin. And heartbreakingly, GarrHeds did not make an appearance. My official theory is that he was busy gettin' bizzy with Armie Hammer.

While the music may not have been my taste, it definitely wasn't terrible. Leighton Meester is still my girl, and she's got my support no matter what her album ends up sounding like. It was just a very different experience than I was expecting going in. I wish she would have at least worn a headband...or played any of her hits.

Cheer up, Leighton! I should want to hug you, but not because I think you might be manic depressive.

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Riley said...

Did you get to meet her after the show at the meet-and-greet though?

And I miss her pop music too. It's funny because when she was doing that, everyone laughed at her because it was "cliched" and now the pop fans aren't into this.