Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Trevor Donovan will not be returning to 90210 this Fall as a series regular. 'The College Years' claims its next victim, and this time it's personal.

"Well I am stunned. Just stunned. Stunned is the only way to describe just how stunned I am!" Once again, I know exactly how Blanche Devereaux feels. When I read the news from TV Line that my beloved Trevor Donovan would not be coming back to 90210 this Fall as a series regular, for a moment I felt the air leave the room as I sat staring at my monitor like it was a Magic Eye poster.

How could this have happened? Who is responsible? Was it the new showrunner? The network? So many questions. So few answers at this point. What we do know is that, thankfully, TrevDon will be returning as a guest star for a rumored five episodes in season four. But it's not enough.

If for some reason you're not familiar, this past season of BevNiner dealt with Teddy's coming out. It was a big deal, since he was previously established as a heterosexual, not just in backstory but also onscreen. It started out strong, and it got the show some attention (for once). Then after he got a boyfriend who would soon be written off, Teddy would start disappearing for entire episodes at a time. No explanation. Just not there. 

Finally towards the end of the season he made a hot-bodied resurgence, including the closest The CW has ever come to gay porn. Many thanks to the writers for giving us the legendary Spring Break episode "The Enchanted Donkey", featuring Teddy hooking up with his boarding school friend Tripp, played by effing Alan Ritchson. It will live in my heart forever:

So as you can see, it's really a twofold sadness for me. Not only are we losing one of the most perfectly sculpted gifts from the heavens on 90210, but we're also losing another gay character on television. While the TV landscape has changed for gays (for the better) in the last decade, it's disheartening to see it happen so quickly after the character had come out. 

Taking into account his absences, Teddy only appeared in 17 episodes this season. More like 13 if you think about the times he was only seen in the background or given one line. 13 out of 22 episodes. For a series regular! I'll always be appreciative to The CW for making it happen in the first place, but if you're gonna go...go big. I feel a little cheated. And I'm sure some actual high school homos would have appreciated more time with Teddy Montgomery, too. For It Gets Better reasons, or...otherwise. 

All things must end, I suppose. As I write this there does seem to be a sort of finality to it all, what with my Monday nights no longer (almost) guaranteed to include Mr. Donovan. It's hard to say goodbye to characters you love, any way you slice it. But it's been a great ride! A hot, drawn-out, sweaty, great ride. I'll be anxiously awaiting Teddy's swan-song come September.

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