Sunday, May 8, 2011


Free Comic Book Day comes but once a year, so it's reason to celebrate. At Meltdown Comics, the fun also means Muppets and food trucks - along with a fun mix of titles and events.

The first Saturday of every May, comics book shops across the country celebrate "Free Comic Book Day". It's a pretty nifty way of getting the word out about new/smaller titles, and a great excuse to have a big nerd party.

This year I went to Meltdown Comics on Sunset, because my friend Josh was working for the publisher Archaia at the festivities. There were a handful of artists signing in the store, and something pretty awesome in the back gallery. 

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Behold, Skeksis! These are the actual puppets used in Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal. One of Archaia's free titles was a prequel one-shot to the 1982 fantasy extravaganza, so LA Henson/Muppet fans definitely scored big this year!

And speaking of scoring big...ZOMG The Grilled Cheese Truck was there! They were set up in Meltdown's parking lot in back, and the Cheesy Mac & Rib sandwich was a heavenly delight (without onions), as always. The line was long but the crew was super friendly. Thanks, gang!

As for my take - I was psyched to learn a couple months ago that one of my favorite comics was going to be featured this year. Owly! He's the first story in Top Shelf's Kids Club issue, and it's adorable/sweet/perfect. I also got my hands on a CIVIL WAR ADVENTURE COMIC and Pep Comics' Archie title, with hopes of seeing some of Riverdale gay Kevin Keller.

All in all, a great time! There was even a kid in front of me in line (above) who seriously must have stepped out of a time machine from 1986. Braces, sweatpants, velcro shoes and an AstroCamp shirt. I couldn't make this shit up if I tried. Free Comic Book Day 2011 was awesome possum!

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