Sunday, April 10, 2011


It was a pretty perfect day in West Hollywood, so I decided to run my errands around the neighborhood on foot. The only thing I love more than natural beauty is target marketing!

While hitting up Pavilions, American Apparel and three different Starbucks, I was treated to our current ad landscape here in WeHo. And with Summer seemingly right around the corner, things were as entertaining as ever!

Not that I would ever complain about Aussie Bum's billboards around town, but I think the beefy migrant worker theme might be a bit much.

You go Kim Kardashian! I don't think it's in any way an accident that this is right outside Rage.

But more important than your medicine cabinet, CVS wants to make sure your goodie drawer is properly stocked as well!
I hadn't noticed the MONKEY in these ads for 'The Borgias' until today.

I fully support all of these amazing organizations, but how can we stop charities from making up their own bullshit words?

Before making my way home, I actually sat in the little park area outside the Pacific Design Center for a while, enjoying the shade and an iced tea. Nice to see all the water features working again!

Hope you've all been having a splendid weekend - Happy Sunday, everyone!

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