Monday, March 14, 2011


While outside forces have been conspiring to keep me from updating as much this month, know that I haven't forgotten about y'all. This week's offering comes from the gifted Frenchmen who make up Phoenix, with a little help from the genius of RAC. Seriously, RAC remixes are consistently spectacular.

"Armistice" is off of Phoenix's 2009 release Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, which - even in its unremixed state - offers 10 tracks to rival my favorite of their albums, It's Never Been Like That from 2006. But as mentioned, RAC does something extra special!

Armistice (RAC Remix)
Free Download

This top drawer remix comes to you legally and gratis by RCRD LBL. Their daily newsletter has quickly become one of my favorite resources for new music, the best of which I share with you. Hope you enjoy!

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