Monday, February 28, 2011


I don't know about you, but I need a little something for my Oscar hangover. For this week's download, I'm hitting up another group of awards show darlings - Arcade Fire!

Now, I'm not nearly enough of a hipster to claim that I've been a fan forever. But I am proud to say that I fell in love with their (now) Grammy award-winning album The Suburbs a couple of months ago. And then I found a mash-up that felt like it was just for me. How do you do that? You add some Blondie. Here's "Sprawl of Glass", for your Monday enjoyment:

Sprawl of Glass
(Sprawl II + Heart of Glass)
Arcade Fire vs. Blondie
Download Now

This week's download is from The Hood Internet, a site I recently discovered...and now love. Check out The Mixtape Volume 5 (the entire compilation is free to download and pretty nifty) for a proper demonstration of their skills.

Peace out, February!

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