Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day!

Like clockwork, Cupid and his band of troublemakers are back for their annual heart-shaped takeover. And whether you're love's champion or its bitch, I'd like to think we can agree on one thing - I'd rather be on Team V-Day than Team Monday. So let's celebrate, shall we?

Troy and Abed's adorable "relationship" on
Community showed just how strong it was on the 2nd annual Valentine's Day episode last week. And this bumper at the end was just plain adorable.

LOST-themed Valentines! Yes!

Desmond & Locke were my other favorites. Check 'em all out and download a printable pack for distributing to your nerd sweetheart here. Thanks, Adventuring Company!

And finally, one of the most romantic scenes in television history, courtesy of the gang from My So-Called Life:

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Whether single or coupled, make sure you tell someone you love them today. Love is a lot bigger than one day for the greeting card industry, but it's still a nice excuse to appreciate those you care about most. Otherwise it's just Monday. Embrace it!

Infinite X's and O's!

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