Thursday, January 6, 2011


I've been waiting to update the blog for 2011 until something really exciting happened. Does the first gratuitous male celebrity photo shoot count? SEE ABOVE. Yeah, it counts.

Maroon 5 front man and overall hot piece of ass Adam Levine can now add philanthropist to his list of titles - he's helping us all ring in the new year by stripping down in the name of "cancer awareness". I mean...I wasn't exactly in the dark on cancer before, but this is easily the best piece of edu-tainment I've seen in years.

All that, and I was already a Maroon 5 fan. Also - if you don't follow Adam Levine on Twitter, I highly recommend that you do so. If these photos aren't enough to convince you, let one of his tweets from today sink in to your imagination:

Sigh. 2,011 thanks to Mr. Levine for using his remarkable body for a good cause. Not to mention his face. That smile in the first photo is almost too much for me to handle. Gonna go blow into a paper bag now! 2011 is just getting started.


Alison said...

Thanks to this picture, I'm now researching him. With any luck, I can strategically place myself somewhere to "casually" bump into him, woo him, and lock him away in my bedroom forever.

Not a stalker. Really.

jen said...


Whitney e said...

And imagine what it was like to be the person who owns the HANDS!!

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