Monday, January 31, 2011


The first month of a brand new year is almost behind us, gang! I won't ask how many of you kept your New Year's Resolutions (that was a really long time ago), but I will offer up some more bitchin' tunes.

I'll give you this disclaimer right off the bat: this week's entry is neither a remix or a mash-up. Yes, that means it technically has no place in this time slot - but I'm the boss. If I had interns, I would describe to you in detail the big fight I had with them over this...but I don't. So deal with it. The good news is that this track is delicious all on its own merits!

Australian house duo Bag Raiders - DJs Chris Stracey & Jack Glass - have collaborated with Dan Black (go watch the video for "Symphonies") to bring us a dance-pop treat, appropriately titled "Sunlight":

Sunlight (featuring Dan Black)
Bag Raiders
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And to make up for my deception, I present to you a video olive branch - my favorite song from Robyn's album Body Talk mashed up with the lead single from diminutive pop goddess Kylie Minogue's latest, Aphrodite. Here's "Stars 4-Ever vs. All The Lovers":

Here's hoping your week is off to a good start, and your month is reaching a happy ending. See you in February!

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