Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Having one of those days? Life got you down? I'm here to help. For starters, bookmark this post - you'll most likely want to revisit it.

I've never watched Matthew Bomer's show White Collar. For starters it's from USA, the network that made Piper Perabo a Golden Globe award nominee. But mostly, it just doesn't look very interesting. EXCEPT for when MattyBomes appears without clothing.

What's that you say? It happens all the damn time? Well thank gods we live in 2011, where The Internet© makes it possible to ogle Cable-TV stars without having to watch their shows. Go ahead and play this video on mute (I've yet to listen to it with sound) and let your current problems fade into soft-focus utopia:

Enjoy the rest of your Hump Day, folks! See you real soon.

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Bananas Foster said...

Best. Post. Ever!