Saturday, December 11, 2010


It's always fun to find evidence of actors before they "make it big". In this particular case, I like to call it "before they were close to being famous". Yep, it turns out that even the gang from 90210 had to make a living before The CW came calling. Above you'll find Michael Steger, who plays everyone's favorite self-righteous Persian, Navid Shirazi.

Now let's take a look at Mr. Steger, when his boyish good looks were used to sell gift cards at gas station convenience stores:

What's amusing is that this kiosk is still on display at the Mobil station across from the Beverly Center. And considering I've seen him shopping not too far from there, I really have to wonder if Steger ever stops to fill up his tank, goes inside for a pack of gum, and sees...himself.

Oh,'ll never be the hottest guy on BevNiner - not with Teddy and Liam around - but you're still a handsome fellow. And everyone likes gift cards, right?

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