Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Great big thanks to The CW for finally moving forward in the wish-fulfillment department. On last night's 90210, Teddy (my beloved Trevor Donovan) applied some gas to his coming-out storyline and hit up a "West Hollywood Bar".

My biggest question in anticipation of this ep was, of course, if they would actually film at a WeHo bar. And if so, which one? Even with bountiful set dressing, you can't hide the supreme gayness/tragedy of places like Rage or Micky's...and Teddy is nowhere near comfortable enough yet to set foot into a mega-bar like The Abbey.

When Teddy rolled up to the "Lounge", I still wasn't sure where they were. The architecture looked vaguely West Hollywood, but the entry doors didn't match up to any booze-hole I've ever patronized.

Even though I know for a fact it's not, this exterior scene felt very Canadian. I half expected the Degrassi kids to walk by, gabbing about Kraft Dinner or something.

It wasn't until we followed Teddy inside that I recognized the place immediately - East|West! That's right, it's the classy alternative to the nearby debauchery down the block on Santa Monica Boulevard. I've always loved the atmosphere at E|W, and now-former-roomie Rob even worked there for a while.

Kudos to the BevNiner location scouts for not only making it that much easier to imagine TrevDon in one of my local haunts, but also for not dousing the place in glitter and filling it with tacky go-go boys and stereotypes. East|West was a good choice! And you best believe I'll be in there again soon, seeing if I can feel my BevNiner Husband's hunky presence.

Speaking of gratuitous, TrevDon recently traded Los Angeles for Las Vegas to film a guest appearance on
CSI. He's playing a spartan (durr) who gets mixed up in a murder. He was kind enough to tweet this behind the scenes photo, which almost completely makes up for the fact that this show airs on CBS.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Donovan! You're inching towards the closet (okay, fine...Teddy is), and even closer to my apartment. I hope Cory Monteith doesn't get jealous!

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Anonymous said...

Trevor Donovan is mine. He's the only reason I watch. Love the story he's doing and love him.