Monday, November 22, 2010


Well, gang - this is it! In just a few short hours I will be aboard an Amtrak train. Destination: My 10 Year High School Reunion! I will be traveling via locomotive nearly 3,000 miles back to my hometown of Longmeadow, MA, taking in along the way all the beauty and splendor our great nation has to offer.

I've always wanted to travel a great distance on a train, and when I got the invite to my class reunion I couldn't resist making an adventure of it. I'll have approximately 66 hours to reflect on, reminisce and remember a simpler time. When I had it all figured out, of course! Sarcasm.

The only layover I have is in Chicago perfectly enough, so I'll be popping in to the Windy City and checking in on my dear friend Rob.

I'll be documenting my entire cross country journey, and look forward to sharing the experience. While the blog may not get updated as frequently for the next week, you can follow my trip from state to state on my
Twitter and Facebook pages.

Lastly, since I'll be on the rails (not cocaine) for Thanksgiving - I get in Thursday night - I'm gonna wish you all a very happy turkey day now. Watch the Macy's Parade, eat, drink, pass out...just have a fun, safe one. I'll be back in LA on Sunday evening, with stories to tell!

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