Sunday, October 31, 2010


It's been a crazy October, and it's all been leading up to today. Halloween is finally here! The 2010 season had me celebrating a lot more than in years past, and it's been a month of fun and frights.

I ventured beyond the gates of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood for the first time in a decade, and once again enjoyed the offerings at Disneyland's Halloween Time. I saw John Carpenter's Halloween on the big screen at the legendary Egyptian Theatre and got schooled in the arts of Freddy Kreuger while watching the Nightmare on Elm Street series on DVD.

Even though I'll be unable to celebrate with each and every one of you, here are some hand-picked selections from my Cauldron of Classics:

Disney's Halloween Treat (1982)
No All Hallows' Eve would be complete without the TV special/clip show,
Disney's Halloween Treat. This is part one of the original classic, complete with the killer opening song.

My So-Called Life - "Halloween" (1994)
One of the best Halloween-themed episodes of television ever created,
My So-Called Life had Angela take a ghostly journey back in time. Amazing!

The Worst Witch - "Anything Can Happen on Halloween" (1986)
Tim Curry has gotten a lot of mileage (and rightfully so) out of his role as Dr. Frank-N-Furter from
The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I'm here to tell you...don't count out The Worst Witch.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Animated Series (2004)
While not technically a Halloween-specific clip, this short was created in anticipation of the
Buffy animated series (which never ended up happening). It's a fun little look at what a weekly cartoon version of Sunnydale could have been like!

Remember...on Halloween, everyone is entitled to one good scare. So get out there, be safe, and scare up some fun, y'all!

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