Sunday, October 10, 2010


It's hard out there for a (teenage) witch. Maybe you're a dweeb with a midget sidekick, or perhaps you're mentally ill white trash. Regardless, The Cinefamily brought the plight of novice witches back to the big screen at The Silent Movie Theatre last night. The second installment of their "Pajama Party" double features included none other than 1996's The Craft and 1989's Teen Witch!

While Cinefamily screenings are always unique and pretty awesome, the crowds are usually heavy and things tend to get disorganized real quick. So I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly things went last night. Probably one of the best overall experiences I've ever had at The Silent Movie Theatre, fo sho!

Before kicking off the evening with The Craft, the festivities were already in full swing - DJ Dia was spinning some bitchin' 80s tunes and the gracious theater volunteers were handing out free beers from a giant bucket filled with Tecate. Always a simple and effective way to turn an excited crowd into a rowdy one. Back in the courtyard there were also wand-making stations, free goth makeovers, pizza and more booze!

And as for the films themselves? I think it really depends on how much you enjoyed them in your youth. The Craft was my shit when I was in high school, and I remember seeing it several times in theaters. This was also around my own goth period, so it really didn't get much cooler than Neve Campbell's dramatic gasps and Fairuza Balk being generally bat shit insane. They also get bonus points for featuring Robin Tunney in the first of her career-spanning collection of Fright Wigs.

Teen Witch has really made a comeback in recent years, much to my delight! Starring Serena Van der Woodsen mastermind Blake Lively's older sister Robin and the short stack goddess Zelda Rubinstein, this movie's got hair, fashion and musical numbers to spare.

Most people know
Teen Witch because of the unforgettable spontaneous rap/dance-off known as "Top That!". And to be fair, it is kind of pure ecstasy. So much so that Arrested Development actress Alia Shawkat (Maebe!) and friends made their own version. But what I want to leave you with is an equally important choreographed sequence in the girls' locker room. See if you're able to identify their not-at-all-sexist message:

Even if you did, you should still buy your tickets in advance the next time Cinefamily unleashes these witchy classics upon Los Angeles. And remember: We are the weirdos, mister.

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