Monday, September 13, 2010


Sad but true: Sometimes Mondays are just kind of fucking terrible. You can have had a great Sunday (which I did) and go into work feeling like a million bucks (which I also did...sorta), but now and then the Monday Gods become angry and vengeful. Without my iPod Charmaine I don't know what would have happened.

Since music kept me free from a breakdown on this particular Monday, I wanted to pay it forward. This week's track is a remix of an artist named Jack Peñate. This mix is perfect for this time of year - you can still hear Summer in there, but the bittersweetness of Autumn is starting to take over.

Pull My Heart Away (From The Beach Remix)
Jack Peñate
Download Now

It's a pretty epic remix for a day epically in need of one. Hat tip to Hubble for turning me on to this one...SHOULDER. Here's to the week getting a hell of a lot better!

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